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Stephen Romero - December 9, 2021

If you are seeking among the most effective video production firms in London as well as the UK then look no further than Beast Video Production Company & Creative Video Agency London.


Video Production Company London the UK



Video Production Companies Media Brief

Updated 11.11.19


Film Director’s Approach


Concept 1.


What can video production provide for my company?


This suggestion is everything about highlighting one of the core USPs of the item, which is it is its rate to sign up. The tone of this video clip makes use of’s entertaining daily circumstances with relatable individuals to make the customer smile, and also help them see themselves in the same circumstance.



Hook: video production is for everybody


The video starts with a guy being in a barber’s chair. Lying back with foam all over his face he stretches his phone up before him and also taps away… His face after that alters, his eyes open and also he states …” Woooaaahhh”.

We after that cut to a male in the launderette. He checks his cleaning, and also we see he has 5 minutes left. He faucets away on his phone, and afterward his begins to smirk to himself …” Woahhhh” he claims, as the cleaning machine after that ‘dings’ as its cycle is finished.


Cut to a woman in cars and trucks clean. As the huge rollers as well as soap lather around her windows she taps away. She then lets out a laugh and also claims …” Woah” …

Cut to a group of males standing outside a fast-food café trailer. They are all gathering around one guy seeing him touch away… unexpectedly all their encounters looked shocked … and they all say with each other …” Woaaahhhhh” They begin making fun of each other.

VO: These motorists have just renewed their exclusive motorist’s insurance in under 5 minutes.


Contact creative video agency today.


Cut to a close-up of a man waiting in a long line of people. On the number, the display reads 89. The man faucets away on his phone and after that say…” Woah”. he chuckles to himself as individuals in the lineup, as well as space, examine to him troubled and grumpy.


Ideal Video Production as well as Creative Video Agency London UK.


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