Can Tooth Inflammation Go Away on Its Own?

Stephen Romero - October 13, 2022

A toothache is pain and sensation around a tooth. You may have minor toothaches from temporary gum irritation that you can treat at home. Moreover, serious toothache caused by various problems and won’t get better on its own, you need to visit the nearest dentist near me for proper checkup and treatment.

Why is my toothache so painful?

The pulp tooth core is very soft and contains nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. There are the most sensitive nerves in the body. When they get infected or dead due to bacteria, you start experiencing pain.

What are the causes of toothaches?

Here are some common causes of Toothaches:

  • Tooth decay and cavities.
  • Abscessed tooth infection
  • Broken tooth (fracture)
  • If your filling is damaged.
  • If your teeth wear down due to chewing gums or grinding at night
  • Gums infection
  • Teeth Eruption

If you find any of the conditions, then visit a dentist near me walk in for thorough treatment and diagnosis of the issue.

What are the signs and symptoms of toothache?

  • You may experience sharp, throbbing, or constant pain. Sometimes the pain comes when pressure is exerted.
  • If you feel swelling around your teeth
  • Any fever or headache
  • Foul taste and drainage from teeth infection
  • Bad breath from your mouth

If you experience trouble and discomfort while breathing and swallowing, you should seek the nearest dentist immediately.

Can your toothache go away on its own?

Some toothaches that come due to rough brushing can get better without a visit to the dentist. Moreover, pain or redness around your gums gets resolved within a few weeks. You should avoid chewing from the affected side to heal faster and eat soft food like eggs and yogurt.

What makes your pain worse, and what gives you relief?

Your dentist team will examine the situation with digital scanning and X-rays to know about your mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue. Therefore you should consider visiting a walk-in dentist near me to relieve your pain.

How will the dentist treat my toothache?

Treatment for each condition will depend upon the situation, location, and affordability.

  • If your get toothaches due to the cavity, your dentist will consider filling a cavity again or tooth extraction if the infection is severe.
  • Your dentist may recommend a root canal (RCT); if your pulp gets infected or dead, they will remove it to ensure no further infection.

They will prescribe antibiotics if there is fewer or severe swelling in the jaws. Even a tiny piece of food can cause teeth infection. In such cases, they will perform a deep dental cleaning to remove food particles and plaque buildup above and under the gumline.


Suppose you are suffering from pain and swelling around your mouth. In that case, you should consider visiting a dentist near me open for a thorough checkup and treatment. Also, you should maintain good dental practices, such as brushing and flossing at least twice daily and visiting your dentist for regular checkups at least two times a year.

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