Does Laser Periodontal Therapy Work?

Stephen Romero - January 10, 2022

Maybe you have recently driven for a dental checkup and get the news that you are suffering from periodontal disease. However, nobody wants to explore that they have a gum infection, and there are various treatments alternatives depending on the severity of your cases. For instance, Laser Periodontal Therapy is the best and minimally invasive option than any other surgery, and this is getting famous every day.

Let’s get started with what is periodontal disease is, how laser therapy works, and many more.

What are periodontal diseases?

It is an infection of the tissue that carries your teeth in its position. Periodontal diseases are generally caused because of poor brushing and flossing habits that permit the plaque to develop on teeth and make them harden. In advanced and updated stages, periodontal disease may lead to bleeding gums, tooth loss, soreness, and even painful chewing issues.

What is Laser Periodontal Therapy?

Laser Periodontal Therapy Near Me uses a dental laser to access and extract the infected gum tissue near the root of the tooth. When the impacted tissue is gone and the root is disclosed, then the root scaling starts.

However, it means scraping off the plaque and calculus to grow up under the gremlin and encircling the root. Then, the Laser Dentist Near Me will make the surface of the root softer and that will lead to removing the rough spots that will attract the bacteria and cause future infections. They are near your gums and the root may then reattach and regrow during the healing procedures.

How long does laser gum therapy take?

In certain cases, 2-hour sessions are only required to treat periodontal disease. On the other hand, traditional gum therapy typically takes a long time and needs various one-hour sessions.

What is the dental process that uses this therapy?

The given below Periodontal Laser Surgery will include the following process-

  • Laser bacterial reduction
  • Removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue
  • Laser degranulation
  • Sulcular debridement

What are the benefits of Periodontal Laser Treatment?

Listed below are the advantages of Periodontal Laser Treatment.

  1. Removal of bleeding of the gums
  2. Diminished the need for surgical gum treatments
  3. Reduces and improves the healing time after a deep cleaning
  4. Minimizes soreness and swelling after deep cleaning
  5. Lessen down the tooth loss from periodontal disease
  6. Disinfects the periodontal pockets

How to take care of your Post Laser Therapy?

Having a good oral health program after the LANAP Surgery or any other kind of gum therapy which is severe to evade the regain of inflammation and bacteria. Do the proper brushing of your teeth and regular rinsing with good anti-bacterial products recommended by the dentists. Further, avoid smoking and lessen the risk of future infections, and follows any particular instructions from the LANAP Periodontist Near Me.

Does Laser Periodontal Therapy hurt?

One might expect some discomfort from this treatment, but this will keep you away from the fear. One of the best and high feared factors is the reason people do not go to see the dentist. But keep in mind that the therapy will not hurt you than any other dental treatment.


The above article states everything about Laser Periodontal Therapy. So, if you are interested in this therapy, then do schedule an appointment with our Laser Dentistry Memorial City. We would love to help you!

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