Have you been diagnosed with Adrenal Burnout?

Stephen Romero - April 27, 2022

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You’ve been diagnosed with adrenal burnout, but you’re not sure what that means. You can find out all about it and what treatment is available to you right here, in this helpful guide to Adrenal Burnout treatment in Australia. Whether you live here or are travelling through, you’ll be glad to know that help and support are available from the team at Stress Fix Clinic to help you deal with your adrenal burnout symptoms!

Overview of adrenal burnout

The adrenal glands are situated on top of your kidneys. When they become fatigued, your body is no longer able to cope with stressful situations and emotional upheavals, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and insomnia. If you suspect that you may be suffering from burnout, visit a qualified health practitioner who can administer a full assessment and recommend adrenal burnout treatment in Australia for restoration of energy levels and vitality. For best results and overall health improvement it is recommended that sufferers do not attempt to self-diagnose or take medications for adrenal fatigue without first consulting their doctor about safe alternatives for relief.

What is adrenal burnout exactly?

The word burnout gets thrown around a lot these days, but most people don’t know what it actually means. The technical definition of burnout is when your stress levels are so high that they start to damage your body in various ways. It’s a constant state of exhaustion and it can lead to serious problems like adrenal fatigue and chronic pain. If you’re feeling burned out all of the time, there are natural ways to treat it!

Is there a solution for adrenal burnout?

In Australia, there are many treatment options available for adrenal burnout patients, from diet changes to prescription medication. But it’s important to remember that cortisol problems are caused by a malfunctioning body—not a simple lack of treatment. Dr. Gary Woodruff has found that recovery from adrenal burnout takes time; most patients need up to 6 months or more of treatment before making a full recovery. If you’re struggling with burnout and tired of prescription pills and treatments, talk to your doctor about other options like bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). With BHRT, your doctor can replace any missing hormones directly into your bloodstream—without having to wait for them to be naturally produced by your own body!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for adrenal burnout sufferers are numerous. The treatment is beneficial in that it aids in cortisol regulation, reverses fibromyalgia symptoms, and eliminates brain fog. In addition to helping reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life, it is also effective in helping treat chronic fatigue syndrome, orthostatic intolerance, sleep disturbances, light sensitivity and depression. What’s more? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for adrenal burnout also helps increase cognitive function. It has long been considered a valuable tool for reversing symptoms such as memory loss by increasing oxygen delivery to your brain cells, improving concentration and giving you back those sharp memory skills that make your daily routine so much easier.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment protocol

Although not well known, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective for many people who are suffering from adrenal burnout. This treatment has been effective for so many because it boosts production of other hormones to bring balance back to your body. The treatment involves breathing pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. The pressure causes your cells and tissues to absorb more oxygen than they would be able to under normal atmospheric conditions, which allows them to release toxins that have built up over time. In addition, high levels of oxygen in your body help your body produce more antibodies and natural killer cells, which are responsible for fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses that might be contributing to adrenal burnout symptoms.

Steps to get over adrenal burnout naturally

The fact is, while there are medications available to treat adrenal burnout, they don’t always work or they simply mask symptoms rather than treating root causes. Furthermore, these medications can have very serious side effects. But there is hope! You can regain your health naturally and achieve optimal wellness again by doing a few simple things each day. Before we discuss what you can do for adrenal burnout treatment in Australia, it’s important to understand that adrenal burnout isn’t your fault – it’s due to a combination of overworking yourself and living in an adrenalized society. So rest assured; it may not be easy but it certainly is possible!


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