How Are Invisalign Aligners Made?

Stephen Romero - February 14, 2022

We have found from studies that many people are now starting to invest in braces after the invention of Invisalign aligners. As it has several benefits for better health that offers excellent confidence in a smile. Invisalign is the best treatment when it comes to treating the misalignment of teeth and other dental irregularities such as underbite, overbite, open bite without suffering, and struggling from cuts in your mouth due to metal brackets and wires. In this article we have penned down some facts about Invisalign North Miami that require your attention, make sure to read this article till the end to not miss out on anything.

What is Invisalign exactly?

We have asked board-certified orthodontists near me about Invisalign and found Invisalign is a set of plastic aligners that are custom-made for each patient to provide perfect alignment of teeth. The Invisalign area has a different set of trays that changes every month according to the sequence given by the orthodontist close to me.

How much does Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign aligners varies from $3,500 to $8,000 hence if you have dental insurance the cost of Invisalign aligners can cost you a little less than traditional metal braces. We have asked orthodontists that do Invisalign near me and found the cost of Invisalign braces plans per month cost approximately $89 per month.

How are Invisalign teeth aligners made?

If you are thinking Invisalign is not the right choice for teeth straightening then you should know Invisalign aligners are made of plastic BPA. The formation of aligners is made after several layers of thin liquid resin that are combined with hard plastic for the exposition of the laser. The Invisalign aligners are made from thermoplastic Substantials that build pressure to the teeth to move in the desired position. Make sure to ask the orthodontist with Invisalign near me for further information you want to know about Invisalign aligners.

Why is Invisalign faster than braces?

Invisalign braces take only six months to twelve months whereas traditional metal braces take the last twelve to twenty-four months in teeth straightening. After Invisalign aligners, it is important to wear retainers for a few months which you should keep in mind.

What are the pros of getting Invisalign aligners?

Here, we have mentioned some pros of Invisalign aligners that one should know before choosing braces, read these benefits carefully to have a better understanding of Invisalign braces:

  • Invisalign offers the invisible appearance
  • Invisalign are Comfortable than traditional metal braces
  • Enhanced Cleanliness and hygiene during braces treatment
  • Fastest process for teeth straightening
  • Invisalign aligners are removable
  • With Invisalign there is no restriction on diet, you can eat hard and chewy food that you can’t eat with traditional  metal braces
  • Invisalign offers better oral hygiene because they’re easy to clean
  • Offers charismatic teeth straightening

The Takeaway!

We hope you liked this article and it was somewhere a help for you in knowing a great piece of knowledge about Invisalign aligners. If you are looking for a dentist that do Invisalign near me, then don’t forget to visit our website as we have the best orthodontist that offers affordable teeth straightening.

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