How Does Healing From a Dental Implant Affect Your Teeth?

Stephen Romero - November 1, 2022

Dental Implants Houston serves as replacement tooth roots and slows or stops jaw bone resorption by supporting restorations and sockets of missing teeth. The implantation procedure is an artificial replacement and considers both a dental operation and a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes, your dentist uses Dental Implant Dentures to strengthen your jaw and provide a better bite.

People who have lost teeth may find it difficult to smile or speak. Additionally, the bad bite or misalignment in biting brought on by tooth loss can negatively affect eating habits, resulting in secondary health issues, including malnutrition.

Dental implants give people the power and stability needed to eat all the foods they enjoy without struggling to chew by replacing missing tooth roots. Additionally, they promote face characteristics by maintaining jaw bone and preventing bone loss. What is the condition of your teeth that may erupt?

  • Dental decay
  • A root canal went bad
  • Gum illness (Periodontitis)
  • An injury to the mouth (tooth injury)
  • Excessive deterioration
  • Inherited flaws

If you are not a good candidate for Dentures And Implants, various other treatments can help your subsidies your problems.

How much time does a dental implant take to recover?

Recovery after dental implants depends on various circumstances, one of which is the many operations needed to finish your medical procedure. But once an implant has been inserted, it is generally known that you should have good oral care to help heal faster and prevent infection. If dental practices such as brushing and flossing are compromised, this can result in treatment failure. An infection could result if the implant and its surroundings are not thoroughly cleaned. Moreover, if you have bad habits such as smoking, you should avoid after-implant surgeries as it is also linked to excellent failure rates. To promote healing and fusing, your dentist will clean any temporary restorations affixed to the implants as you would your natural teeth. You should consult a Dental Implant Specialist for proper treatment and thorough check-ups if you have such a condition.

How to prepare for post-surgery?

There shouldn’t be much discomfort throughout the surgery. You can experience facial and gum swelling, slight bleeding, and bruising at the implant site. Your dentist may recommend prescription painkillers to treat any discomfort or pain you have following the surgery. Your diet following surgery should only consist of soft meals for five to seven days. Your dentist might need to remove any stitches if they are there, but most often,  self-dissolving stitches are used, which do not need to be taken out. It can last for a while if properly maintained for a long time.

Dental implant surgery carries various health concerns like any other type of surgery. Though they are uncommon, they are often small and treatable when they do arise. Risks consist of:

  • What if the dental implant site is infected?
  • Including other teeth or blood vessels, nearby structures may suffer harm or damage.
  • Damage to the nerves that control your natural teeth, gums, lips, and chin may result in pain, numbness, or tingling.
  • When dental implants in the upper jaw intrude into a sinus cavity, it might cause sinus issues.


Suppose you have a missing or gap between your teeth. In that case, you should consider visiting Dental Implant Dentist to learn about filling the gap because this will help you save the socket and avoid teeth moving.

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