How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take To Work?

Stephen Romero - December 22, 2021

Patients are always curious to know how long they will need to wear Invisalign braces to get a straight smile. Other than that, for how many hours, you will have to wear aligners each day.  Schedule an appointment at nearbyCosmetic Dental Clinic Tx for more information.

Many orthodontists recommend Invisalign treatment continue for six to twelve months. The total time may depend on your case and your current dental condition. The reason behind it is that every individual has different tooth alignment issues.

According to the dentist’s guidelines, adults are advised to put on aligners for a longer duration than teens. Generally, adults are more likely to have more complex oral issues and less accessible jaw and teeth. This clearly indicates that treatment can consume more time. Vist orthodontist at Cosmetic Dental Clinic Pearland for understanding the treatments.

How Long DO Patients Wear Invisalign Aligners Every day?

Once you have decided to consider an Invisalign orthodontic treatment, visit your orthodontist at Cosmetic Dental Clinic Texas for further proceedings. After installation of Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist will recommend wearing aligners for less than twenty-two hours per day.

You can remove Invisalign Pearland aligners while eating and drinking or cleaning your teeth. But you have to be very precise as you can’t be without them for more than two hours per day.  It is essential to wear them according to your orthodontists’ guidelines to get a flawless smile on your face.

Why do dentists recommend wearing Invisalign Texas aligners twenty hours a day?

Your unique aligners are crafted to put constant pressure on your teeth in order to shift them in their original place. If you don’t follow the dentists’ instructions properly, the treatment results can be delayed.

What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign Pearland TX?

When you put on Invisalign aligners in the supposed way, you will get a straighter smile. There are many advantages of Invisalign braces compared to traditional metal braces, including;

  • You can’t remove the conventional braces whereas Invisalign braces can be eliminated easily during eating, drinking, cleaning, and sleeping. But patients have to be sure to wear them for twenty-two hours a day.
  • The aligners can function properly until they are in your mouth, therefore, wear them according to your orthodontist’s recommendations to get effective results. If one follows the dentist guidelines related to Invisalign treatment, he or she will be able to get the expected results otherwise results won’t be according to the expectations.

Schedule your appointments with Cosmetic Dentist In 77584 for gaining more information about the Invisalign Treatment Texas.

What Is The Average Cost Of Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign Treatment Type Average Cost Price Range
Traditional Invisalign $6,000 $4,500-$7,500
Invisalign Teen $4,500 $2,999-$5,500
Invisalign Express $3,500 $2,500-$4,500

Patients will have to pay a bit more for Invisalign aligners compared to traditional braces. The average cost of invisible braces can range from $2,500 that can be raised up to $8,000. The total cost of the treatment will depend on the size and time consumed in the treatment. Also, the number of aligners required during the treatment or till the completion of the treatment.

Visit an experienced orthodontist now, to determine the most suitable type of treatment for you as only an expert can tell you about this precisely.

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