How to Avoid Underbite Surgery?

Stephen Romero - October 11, 2021

An underbite is one of the commonest oral issues in which your lower teeth stick out considerably farther than your upper teeth. If you feel irritated with the appearance of your underbite and want to have a more aligned smile, you may be suffering from difficulty in chewing or TMJ pain. You can consult your orthodontist near me for the treatment type of underbite correction without surgery. If you want to regain a dreamy smile, consult a good orthodontist near me.

What Causes an Underbite?

An underbite is caused due to a congenital misalignment of the lower jaw. This can grow due to several conditions like acromegaly, basal cell nevus syndrome, or Crouzon syndrome. Some people are prone to suffer such bite issues from others. Luckily, there are many ways to fix underbite without surgery in children and adults.

What Are My Underbite Correction Options?

When you are suffering from a misalignment problem, there are lots of ways to correct underbite without the surgery. These methods can correct underbite without the involvement of surgery. Before considering any form of treatment method, you should consult an orthodontist near me for a free consultation to identify the severity of the problem so that you will be recommended with a suitable dental treatment.

Generally, there are three forms of treatment to avoid surgery, are; Invisalign, Braces, and cosmetic procedures like veneers or crowns. Dentists recommend the surgical procedure only when you have a more serious skeletal problem that is responsible for the bad bite. Consult orthodontists in Miami to have the most suitable treatment near me.

Braces and Invisalign are also treatment forms of underbite correction that can be afforded, compared to surgery. They prevent the pain and long recovery time of oral surgery. Always remember that selecting the correction of underbite without surgery does not indicate that you will have to stick to a strict oral regimen. call/contact the orthodontist near me braces to decide the form of treatment.

Underbite Correction Devices:

Basically, there are two types of underbite correction devices that can be fixed without surgery. These devices produce the best results at the young age of the patients including:

An upper jaw expander:

It is one of the treatment options. The device gets fitted across the palate and the key is utilized to widen the expander delicately in order to fix the jaw alignment. This key slowly widens the upper jaw until the lower teeth won’t be closed against the exterior of the upper teeth.


A reverse-pull face mask that looks similar to the braces headgear can also be utilized to fix the oral issue. The mask is wrapped around the head to shift the upper jaw into the correct position.  You can also consult an orthodontist open on Saturday near me, if you are not free on working days.

Other than that, Invisalign, Braces are used to fix this orthodontic issue. Consult an orthodontist near me for braces to correct bite issues effectively.

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