Wedding Crasher: Why Crash Your Bash

Stephen Romero - March 27, 2021

A party is not a party without a gate crasher; uninvited guests seem to appear more at weddings than that of other celebrated events. You will know of a Wedding Crashers presence by his/her supping of your beer and the filling of their belly with wedding cake.
Wedding crashers have the audacity to join in with your celebrations uninvited, the mere cheek of it but you have to give it to them for having the guts to attend the party without an invitation.

How you tackle the wedding crasher is up to you but heaven forbid should he/she be the size of the hulk then approach with care. Wedding crashers are cunning when providing you with an explanation as to who they are, expect the answer to be something like, don’t you recognize me its Joe, Joe Bloggs cousin of and so and so.
The bride and groom is easily side tracked in believing the wedding crasher due to the fact that mum/dad did have relations that they had never met.

A good way for the wedding crasher to gain entry to the reception is to soften the happy couple up with a gift; you will find this usually does the trick.
Most wedding crashers excuse for attending the party is to say they are a member of staff where they pose as a waiter or florist tending to all flowers needs where the wedding reception is held. If the reception is in the married couples garden then forget it.

What is the best time for you to wedding crash well that is easy late into the evening when the party is in full swing. Why you ask, well all gathered at the venue will have had their fair dosage of champagne which will hamper their vision where they dont get to see you or on the other hand the alcohol affects may differ where they have a double vision sighting. So we now have two wedding crashers (the terrible twins).

Security may be provided for your venue if your chosen establishment offers this service but in case they do not then be sure to handle people especially those without an invitation with caution. If your wedding crasher is causing you concern then call the police and have them removed from the premises by the boys in blue.

Why do wedding crashers crash well the reason being is they are fully aware of the effort you put in behind the preparation of your reception and therefore know this is going to be the best bash to crash on that night.

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Stephen Romero

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