Is It Worth Getting Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Stephen Romero - May 9, 2022

Your orthodontist in Miami is the best person to guide you in this. Dentists will perform a dental examination and determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign or not. They will make this decision based on the state of your teeth and your lifestyle objectives, even though Invisalign claims to provide the same effectiveness as braces with growth in aesthetics. There are some situations when braces are superior.

There is also a financial consideration. Your dental insurance may only cover a tiny portion of the expense. Best orthodontists near me recommend clear aligners for malocclusion (bad bite). It is a health condition in which teeth do not align properly.

What type of candidates is best for Invisalign treatment?

Most dentists recommend Invisalign North Miami for malocclusion (bad bite) when teeth are not correctly aligned. According to numerous research on Invisalign, the following people have an excellent reaction to treatment.

  • Teeth with minor gaps or spaces between them
  • Patients who have mild crowding of teeth
  • Rotation of a few teeth (crooked teeth)
  • Relapse of orthodontic treatment (you had braces in the past, but now your teeth are shifting back to the previous position)
  • Active and passive retainers can handle cases in which braces are unnecessary.
  • According to the Invisalign dentist near me, expansion is a good thing (poor fit of the bottom or upper teeth while chewing)
  • When the tooth grows or shifts inside the gum

What are the things involved in wearing Invisalign?

A visit to an Invisalign around me, who will develop a 3-D scan of your mouth and jaw, is the first stage in the procedure. They’ll utilize this image to devise a strategy for shifting your teeth into their correct position. Your nearby orthodontist will then use the plan to construct a series of plastic aligners. These aligners will slowly shift and move your teeth into the desired positions by applying pressure to them. Depending on your orthodontist’s instructions, you’ll switch out one pair of aligners for a new set every week or two. When cleaning your aligners, you must be cautious.

According to the best orthodontists near me, the plastic may bend if you use hot or boiling water. It can badly affect the fit of the aligners and your progress and effectiveness. Your orthodontic difficulties’ complexity may also impact how well Invisalign works for you. If you have more complicated spacing and biting problems, this treatment may take longer to work.

What are the significant pros of Invisalign?

  • The aesthetic consideration. It is a very prevalent reason why people choose Invisalign. The wires and brackets of braces are significantly more visible than these clear aligners.
  • Cleaning your teeth is simple. You can simply floss and brush your teeth without struggling around wires and brackets if you remove the aligner.
  • There are fewer complications. Many people with traditional braces have stories about a bracket falling off or a wire breaking, necessitating an emergency orthodontic visit.


We hope the above-given information helps you understand more regarding Invisalign clear aligners. The article above discusses the best candidates for Invisalign treatment and why Invisalign clear aligners are worth it. For more information regarding Invisalign clear aligners, please check out

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