Questions To Ask Your Kid’s Dentist?

Stephen Romero - March 15, 2023

Kids have a habit of eating and drinking all unhealthy foods, and as a parent, you may be concerned about their oral health. All parents want their children to have healthy oral health. Sometimes children often complain of toothache and other oral issues, and it is necessary to listen to them as these problems can develop into more severe problems.

Maintaining good oral health is necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy. Many parents have questions about their child’s oral health. Here are some dental care and hygiene questions that are common to ask your pediatric dentist Miami fl.

How Should Your Kid Brush Their Teeth?

Brushing your teeth early will create excellent dental habits for a lifetime. Oral hygienists and pediatric dentists are experts at teaching kids how to brush their teeth. You can ask your dentist how to brush your kid’s teeth, and your youngster will learn how to clean them properly.

When Should Baby Teeth Emerge?

A pediatric oral surgeon notes that every child’s teeth erupt at a different period. It is worthwhile to acquire an x-ray if your child has baby teeth after nine to determine whether adult teeth are hidden beneath the gums. Occasionally, a child only has a particular set of teeth, in which case an x-ray would not show any baby teeth.

When Should Your Kid Start Flossing?

A child can usually start flossing if there are no apparent gaps between their teeth. If it’s time for your youngster to begin learning to floss, it could be worth asking the dentist when you go for your next appointment.

What Will Your Child Stop Sucking Their Thumb?

It is well known that thumb sucking and pacifiers can cause toddlers to grow with crooked teeth. Most kids discontinue sucking their thumbs between 2-4. Several kid toys are available to assist children in stopping the habit, but talking to the child about it and continually checking for the behavior are the most effective methods.

When Can Your Child Start Using Fluoride Toothpaste & Mouthwash?

At around ages 5 and 6, your kid should rinse and spit. You can give them low-fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, and dentists recommend that children use mouthwash to clean their mouths. Often, children have overlapping teeth a toothbrush can’t reach.”

What Toothpaste Should Your Child Use, and How Much?

The pediatric dentist usually recommends low-fluoride toothpaste for kids under six as they swallow it. Small children generally swallow the half toothpaste they use. So, give them low-fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth.

What Should you Do If Your Kid Has A Chipped Tooth?

If your child has chipped a tooth, schedule an appointment with your bay harbor islands orthodontist as soon as possible so that the dentist can evaluate the severity of the ‘chip’ or fracture. The dentist frequently files or smooths the rough edge, but there are cases when it may need to repair or bond a tooth.

If your child has a major fracture and the tooth’s nerve is exposed, the dentist may recommend extracting the tooth. Depends on the situation.

In Conclusion:

You can ask all your doubts and, if needed, ask about the treatment procedure and discuss your child’s dental problem. Call MetLife dentist near me and book an appointment now!

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