Reasons to Consider Invisalign Clear Braces

Stephen Romero - November 8, 2021

Most people are wondering what are clear braces Miami and what do you understand by them. Several dental problems require braces for orthodontic treatment but the clear braces are attractive and clean in contrast with the traditional braces.

Meaning of clear braces

Clear Braces are a type of Orthodontic Dentistry and also a type of Cosmetic Dentistry. When teeth are too misaligned to be corrected by Dental Veneers or Crowns then Braces can be used. Further, the cost of braces in Miami may vary depending on the types of braces you are opting for.

12 Reasons to consider!

Given below are some of the best and effective reasons to choose clear braces-

  1. The cleaning of teeth will become easy and simple.
  2. No embarrassment in showing teeth while clicking a family picture or any photoshoot.
  3. Wearing braces will be discreet as no one will be able to know that you are wearing braces.
  4. The smile will look more charming and aesthetic the way you want it to look.
  5. Also, the aligners you use are easy to clean.
  6. These braces replacements are easily available.
  7. Also, you can easily go to attend the important rituals or functions without orthodontics.
  8. This requires only a few appointments with your Miami shores orthodontist.
  9. You can easily take out the adult braces near me while eating, chewing, etc.
  10. It is now easy for you to play sports.
  11. The clear braces do not put any restrictions on the food.
  12. Additionally, the best braces for adults do not put any interference in your relationships.

How clear braces can be used?

Clear Braces can be used to straighten:

  • crooked teeth
  • protruding teeth
  • gappy teeth
  • crowded teeth

The most famous kind of braces is clear braces Hollywood fl. They are preferred because they fit easily into people’s lives and are less visible than the traditional metal ones. Unlike metal braces, they can be removed for social occasions, to eat, and to drink but have to be worn for at least 20 hours a day to achieve the full effect. Our Orthodontist can explain in more detail.

What are the advantages of clear braces?

The advantages of Clear Braces are:

– they are invisible

– clear braces are simple to remove and wear

– they are more comfortable than the traditional metal braces

– the clear and ceramic braces Miami fl are easy to clean and they are easy to remove that’s why the teeth are always clean

– they are removable

– they work quickly to straighten your teeth

– a person of any age can wear them.


At Ivanov Ortho, we offer 2 types of Clear Braces. A thorough examination would be needed by our Orthodontist to assess your mouth first to determine which clear braces Miami fl is best for you.

To discuss Clear Braces further why not telephone the practice and book a free consultation to talk to our staff and our orthodontist North Miami beach Dr. IVANOV. They can discuss your concerns further and even show you past patients who have had similar concerns to you and the kind of treatment we have done for them. Further, for more details, do visit our website!

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