Schools to Become Lawyers

Stephen Romero - March 27, 2021

Lawyers are perhaps the most well paid professionals around the world. Any lawyer wannabes would have to hurdle the workload of a law student. Becoming a lawyer takes extra mile of sleepless nights of case studies, apprenticeship, report writing and more. These are just some of the prerequisites of preparing a good, top-caliber lawyer. However, choosing the right schools to become lawyers is equally important to make sure that the right trainings and preparations geared towards becoming the best lawyer of the land are met. There are plenty of schools to become lawyers in the United States that are ranked by The Law School 100.

Topping the list of schools to become lawyers is Harvard University. This university is the number one choice of the best students all over the world. It has the reputation of being the most difficult law school. However, its graduates are regarded as the best in their fields, either in private sector or in government service.

Stanford Law School and Yale Law School tied in second place as the best schools to become lawyers in the 2004 survey of the Law Schools 100. Stanford law students are equipped with the most up to date hands-on training and legal education. Aimed at producing topnotch lawyers, the university provides its studentry with excellent facilities and law professors that have proven track record in the realm of legal practice. Law students from Yale are assured of a world-class legal preparation and intimate classroom instruction. This technique is a sure way of helping students gets the unsurpassed and unequalled legal teaching they deserve.

Other schools to become lawyers that have made it to the top law schools are Columbia Law School, New York University School of Law, and University of Chicago Law School. These three law schools shared the third spot. This law schools like the other top law school has produced numerous graduates who excelled in the field of law profession. Its graduates are respected judges and justices in the whole of America.

At New York University Law School, students enjoy the benefit of having top-quality law professors side by side with first-class facilities which both provide a learning experience that is totally unmatched. The school takes pride of having produced highly respected lawyers and legal educators since its foundation. Equally recognized institution of higher learning in the field of legal studies and research is the University of Chicago Law School. A legal education degree acquired from this university is sure to bring stellar law career. With its high quality legal clinics, students are equipped with the best armaments in the real-world legal battles.

The other law schools that complete the top thirteen schools to become lawyers are Boalt Hall School, Cornell Law School, Georgetown University Law Center, Northwestern University School of Law, University of Michigan Law School, University of Pennsylvania Law School, and University of Virginia School of Law.

Getting the best law education and training from these law schools will surely pave the way to a brighter future ahead in whatever fields the graduate aspire to lead. Making it to these schools will definitely mean a tough time ahead but will undoubtedly pay the best rewards.

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