The Good Times Are Guaranteed By The Wedding Singer

Stephen Romero - June 1, 2020

There are three things that all wedding receptions must include to turn out as memorable and successful events. The three “G’s” of good food, good times, and good entertainment will make your wedding reception into an event enjoyed by all who attend. Generally taking care of the first and third of these concepts will guarantee the second. Good food is generally attained by hiring a competent caterer and not serving okra. Good entertainment brings with it a number of options and, unfortunately, none are ever ensured to be as good as they purport. One entertainment option for wedding receptions is the wedding singer. For far less than you’d pay a band and a bit more than you can expect to pay a DJ, you can get an entertainer that is a master of ceremonies, singer, and comedian all rolled into one.

Popularized by Adam Sandler’s 1998 film The Wedding Singer, the person fulfilling this role at your reception will entertain you and your guests from start to finish. The wedding singer keeps the “show” aspect of the reception rolling along smoothly by providing music for dancing, and introducing various aspects of the reception such as the throwing of the bouquet/garter, and the unwrapping of wedding gifts. A good wedding singer will be the life of the party, keeping everyone in a good mood and having a good time by filling the lulls with witty comments and by singing his heart out. Some wedding singers will also have the guests sing, making parts of the reception a kind of karaoke party. Everyone loves karaoke. Even those who claim to despise it actually have a tiny Mel Torme, David Lee Roth, or Richard Cheese deep inside them just aching to get out. The wedding singer will bring this out in people.

Finding a wedding singer to hire for your reception is often as easy as looking through the telephone directory or searching the Internet. You’ll find that there are all types of wedding singers available to perform at your reception. Wedding singers will generally have a variety of musical styles to offer in their repertoire. Some offer general services which include a number of popular songs that they can perform at your wedding. Others are more specialized and offer “tribute” performances to famous singers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett or even the likes of Barry Manilow or Burt Bacarach. Most will be more than happy to discuss your musical tastes with you and gear their performances accordingly. Whatever musical style suits your particular tastes, you’re sure to be able to locate a wedding singer willing to perform it for you.

Wedding singers can do it all for you and the good ones can make for a truly entertaining experience. When you’re planning the entertainment for your wedding reception, consider hiring a wedding singer to help make sure your event fulfils the requirement of the three “G’s” and is a memorable occasion for you and your guests.

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