Till how long bite turbos stay on?

Stephen Romero - April 28, 2021

Bite turbos are made up of small glass-ionomer cement or acrylic ramps. They are bonded to the chewing surface of the back posterior teeth or inside of the upper front teeth. When there is a risk of breaking brace or teeth biting, these bites prevent the full closure of the mouth.

Maintaining dental health is absolutely necessary for both adults and children. Both orthodontists and dentists offer a wide range of appliances and tools that helps you in treating teeth-related issues. It may be possible that you are more familiar with retainers, headgears, and braces but don’t be familiar with bite turbos. The bite turbos are lesser-known and helpful orthodontic devices.

Bite blocks or bite ramps are also other names for bite turbos. These are used for supporting the upper front teeth. Issues like a deep bite, improper teeth movement, and overbite are treated by wearing bite turbos. Read this full article to know how these bite turbos help to improve your orthodontic health.

What are bite turbos?

Orthodontic turbos are small supporting pieces that can belong to one or two groups. At the back of your top front teeth, the first group of bite turbos is applied. The biting areas of back molars are the second place where another group of bite turbos is attached. To prevent complete closure of the space between the teeth is the main objective of bite turbos.

They work together with lower and upper braces at the same time. The overbite of top teeth over lower braces is prevented by the bite turbos. This biting platform distances the top teeth and prevents a bite down. For a patient, this is a very painful and unpleasant condition. If pressure is being put on the lower braces by top teeth then it can distort the bottom teeth and prevents them from aligning. The process of wearing braces becomes easy after the use of bite ramps.

Why do I need turbos with braces?

If your top teeth contact the lower turbo braces then it can easily break your bottom teeth. Your bottom braces and their brackets can be damaged by an overbite. To support the top front teeth and provide them movement you should wear bite turbos.

You have to temporarily wear the bite turbos. The patients will wear the bite turbos for 6 to 9 months in most cases. If necessary, the period can be prolonged. With this, you will not interfere with your braces but can also correct your overbite.

How effective are bite turbos?

How efficient turbo bites for braces are? On this topic, there is a widespread debate nowadays. The material which is used to make them is one of the major concerns instead of wearing them. Softer acrylic material is being used in making bite turbos in back time. But this material turns out to be ineffective and more fragile. Metal bite turbos are more effective and impactful than traditional bite turbos.

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