What Are Power Chains, And Why Exactly Do We Need Them?

Stephen Romero - May 23, 2022

Braces are an effective multi-usage orthodontic solution. It can address a wide variety of smile concerns and alignment issues. But sometimes, they too need a little help to straighten teeth more effectively and quickly. A MetLife Miami orthodontist may put a power chain on braces to reduce gaps and correct other dental issues. Power chains are connected strings of elastic rings that they often use to close gaps and spaces.

Unlike some other treatments, patients of any age group can use power chains. It means they are often a reliable solution for misaligned or crooked teeth or uneven spacing where the other treatment may not be possible. The need for your unique smile and your orthodontist’s recommendations will decide whether or not you will need power chains braces as part of your treatment plan.

What does a power chain do for braces?

The power chains work to link your teeth by forming a continuous band across them to achieve their purpose. Orthodontists use them frequently to attain specific treatment goals. Including the treatment of

  • Malocclusions
  • Crooked teeth
  • Misalignments

What are the kinds of power chains for braces?

You may require one of three sorts of power chains, depending on the needs of your smile. According to the Miami childrens dentist, the diameters between the centers of each loop on these distinct sorts control which bracket the loop can attach.

  • Short- connects to every other tooth.
  • Closed- connects at every tooth.
  • Long- connects to every third tooth.

How long do we have to wear power chains?

The power chains and elastics band applies extra pressure to your teeth to help your braces correct smile imperfections like misalignment or gaps. As with any other dental treatment, your circumstances will determine the power chain and length of time you must wear. Some patients will just need to wear their power chain for a short time, while others will need to wear it for a more extended amount of time to attain their smiling goals.

Your orthodontist may also suggest you continue to wear power chains after completing the correction process. It is to prevent your teeth from reverting to their original improper condition.

How should you maintain and take care of power chains?

Power chains are a necessary component of your orthodontic treatment. It’s critical to maintain the same level of oral cleanliness as you would with traditional metal braces or other choices. But don’t be concerned about food trapping – it’s not a big deal! As is always the case, poor dental hygiene impacts everything, including duration and potential harm if left untreated.

What to do in case if power chain breaks?

A braces power chain consists of elastic so that it can break. The breakage does not cause discomfort, but it could delay the treatment. Sometimes, you can repair a chain with tweezers if it comes off of a bracket but is still intact.


We hope the above-given information helps you learn more about power chain braces. The above article tells us some valuable and beneficial information regarding power chains. To know more helpful information regarding power chains, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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