What Are The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Stephen Romero - January 6, 2023

The first thing people notice about you is your smile; even you also see your smile, which is why everyone looks for the perfect one. So, if your smile is embarrassing for cosmetic reasons like teeth staining, yellow teeth, tooth decay, damaged teeth, or missing teeth, in that case, cosmetic dentistry can restore your teeth and improve your smile.

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments available for tooth correction in cosmetic dentistry. You can have all the issues corrected. Misalignment, uneven teeth, tooth gaps, or missing teeth, whatever the matter is, you can get it all done with cosmetic dentistry. Consult with your dentist about which cosmetic solution can help you.

What can be the best cosmetic dental treatment for you? You may be thinking so; here is a list of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments:

Composite Fillings:

A dental filling formed of composite resin is known as a composite filling. To ensure that the filling blends in with your natural teeth, the composite resin is customized to match the color of your teeth. Before placing a composite filling, the dentist will cut the decayed tissue. The dentist remolds the last remaining tooth structure. Then the dentist will fill the cavity by filling it with the composite resin. To combine with the teeth, the final layer will be carved and polished to give your teeth the exact shape. The lifespan of composite fillings is 5-7 years.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry Houston treatment that helps eliminate unwanted, rigid stains and teeth discoloration. It can remove all deep, internal, and external stains, increasing the shade of your teeth by 5-10 in a single appointment.

In the procedure, the teeth are cleaned, and tartar and plaque are removed from your teeth; the Houston Dentist does a deep cleaning.

Dental Crown:

Dental crowns are like a shield for your tooth, which helps to improve its shape, size, and color and restore tooth damage or decay. The crowns can be made from any material but are mostly made from porcelain, giving a natural appearance to your tooth. The dentist shaves the layer of the tooth to fit the crown perfectly. After that, the dentist places the permanent crown over the natural tooth, lasting anywhere from 5-15 years.

Dental Implant:

An artificial tooth root is a dental implant that your dentist places surgically into the jawbone to act as an anchor for a dental prosthetic like a crown, bridge, or denture. Due to their durability, long-lasting, and natural appearance, dental implants are a popular option for replacing missing teeth. The Midtown Dental typically places the dental implant in two sessions spaced 3–6 months apart. The healing period for this cosmetic dental work is more extended than other options. Dental implants can last 10-15 years, and with proper oral hygiene, they can even last up to 20 years.

In Conclusion:

So these are the best cosmetic dentistry options to treat your teeth issues. You can visit the dentist and choose the best option that suits your condition. Visit or call cosmetic dentistry near me.

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