What Are The Drawbacks Or Downsides Of Dental Implants?

Stephen Romero - July 18, 2022

Sadly, not every dental procedure is ideal for every patient when replacing missing teeth. You have a few alternatives when replacing your missing teeth. The most common ones are complete or partial dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. The dentist who performs affordable dental implants near me typically advises dental implants if you want the greatest care.

Unfortunately, not every patient can meet the standards for dental implants. Find out if affordable dental implants are the best option for you at Affordable Dental Implants Houston. To determine if affordable dental implants are the best course of therapy for you, read over their drawbacks.

Dental insurance won’t cover dental implants.

One of the significant disadvantages of a dental implant is that your dental insurance will not cover the cost of dental implants. If anything, they might assist in paying for the dental implant restoration, such as

  • Dental bridge
  • Partial denture
  • Complete denture

Of course, by calling them, you may check to see whether these are things your dental insurance could consider covering before a meeting with us.

Dental implants are costly.

The first and significant disadvantage of a dental implant is it’s costly. We won’t mislead you and claim that dental implants are the least expensive choice because they are most certainly not. However there are some affordable dental implants available, but most of the dental; implants are pricy. Dental implants range in price from a few thousand dollars for a single implant to tens of thousands for a full mouth.

Make an appointment for a consultation with our dentist, who does affordable dental implants Houston texas, to learn how much your dental implant treatment will cost you. They can cost more or less than you anticipate. Please also consider the many payment methods our dental practice offers. You might be able to make regular payments that match your spending plan.

You may need to replace your restorations.

Although some Affordable Teeth Implants can last a lifetime, the restorations you attach with them may not. Another drawback of dental implants is the potential need to replace expensive repairs in the future. It can mount up quickly if you are chewing on many things. Dentures and dental bridges are less expensive, but the costs mount up over time. Patients who did not properly maintain their restorations are more likely to need to have them replaced.

Dental Implants Require Surgery For Placement

The need for surgery to insert dental implants is another significant drawback. Surgery carries risks no matter how low you think it is, and the rate of complications is only 5 to 10% on average. Affordable implants near me have several hazards and potential issues, including infection, harm to neighboring teeth, slow bone healing, nerve damage, prolonged bleeding, fractured jaws, and more. Dental implants might be the best option if you’re ready to take these risks.


We hope the above information will help you understand more about dental implants. The above article focuses on the various informative aspects and factors related to dental implants. For further informative details, please visit dentalimplantsdentures.com.

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