What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Retainers?

Stephen Romero - March 28, 2022

A permanent retainer is a metal-made wire that is bonded to the teeth of a patient with the help of a special tooth bonding agent. The metal wire helps in teeth repositioning. Permanent retainers are the most common way for the correction of lower teeth. There are numerous people about to get a permanent retainer for their teeth but all are confused because they lack information about permanent wire retainer. In this article, we have mentioned some most frequently asked questions by the patients of permanent retainers. Reading through this article will be a great help before the treatment.

How to clean retainers?

Cleaning the retainer is not tough. For effective cleaning of retainers, it is recommended to soak removable retainers into the water mixed with baking soda. There’s another cleaning method where for cleaning removal retainers you can soak them in vinegar in 7 days intervals. For cleaning permanent retainers you can use baking soda on your toothbrush and brush wisely. These methods will make your retainers look fresh and clean. But you should visit a dentist once in a while for proper cleaning of retainers.

Is it worth getting a permanent retainer?

Many people get confused before getting a retainer for teeth but it is the most commonly asked question by patients. Getting retainers teeth repositioning is cost-effective. Permanent retainer naturally delivers more promising and durable results when it comes to teeth straightening or teeth repositioning.

How much does it cost to get a permanent retainer fixed?

Are you someone looking how much do retainers cost for repairing. According to the study, the repairing cost of retainers is anywhere between $30-$100 per tooth. Retainers cost for repairing can depend on the count of tooth required fixing. normally based on how many teeth need to be repaired.

Can a permanent retainer cause tooth sensitivity?

If your permanent retainers cause you pain and sensitivity near the situated place of retainers then it is the signs that require an immediate visit to the dentist. Having tooth sensitivity in the area of the retainer shows that your teeth have been shifted from their place.

What happens if a permanent retainer comes off?

If you sense that your permanent retainers are coming off then it is time to visit a dentist as soon as possible. The broken retainer can make your teeth crooked and cause wide gaps in between your teeth. Broken teeth and gaps required an emergency orthodontic treatment. Coming off retainer can damage your tooth enamel. It is essential to handle it carefully and visit the dentist.

Can retainers damage enamel?

Yes, many orthodontists suggest being peaceful with the clear retainers while removing and placing them. Little careless behavior can damage the enamel of teeth and damage the retainer in several ways. A patient should be more cautious while flipping the retainers with the tongue.


These were some most frequently asked questions by the patient of retainers. We hope you liked this article and it was somewhere a help for you in knowing a good piece of knowledge about permanent retainers. If you have any questions regarding Essix retainer and vivera retainers then do make sure to visit our website where you’ll find information related to this.

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