What Does A Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure Include?

Stephen Romero - December 21, 2021

Wisdom teeth are usually removed because of the effect that they are having on the teeth around them. They may be forcing the rest of your teeth to be pushed together, creating an overlap. They may just be uncomfortable and need to come out. In some cases, they are impacted which means that instead of coming through the gums correctly, they are coming out sideways. At this point, they become a more serious problem and an oral surgeon will be ready to remove them. You can also visit a 24 hour emergency dentist to relieve the problem.

One or More Wisdom Teeth:

It is possible to remove just one wisdom tooth however many people choose to have them all done at the same time. It saves time and money as you are only put under anesthesia one time and will only have to go through recovery once. General anesthesia will put you to sleep throughout the procedure while minimizing the pain that you feel. But there is some lingering pain for the next few days. Get the wisdom teeth removal near me treatment done with an affordable dentist near me.

The Day of the Surgery:

You will need to have someone drop you off at the appointment and take you home as it is not a good idea to drive immediately following general anesthesia. You should be able to walk out to your car and get in although you may find yourself falling back asleep on the ride home. Once you do get home, just rest as this is the best thing for your body as it heals and recovers.

How long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal?

Have someone stay with you for the next few hours after the appointment with the oral surgeon. They will be able to help you take your pain medication and monitor the ice packs that need to be placed along your cheeks and jawline. Stitches are used to close up the wounds, but still, there may be some bleeding. Gauze is pressed down onto the area of the incision to get the bleeding to stop. You will probably wake up to gauze in your mouth and need to continue to change it until the bleeding stops completely.

Change of Diet:

In the days following the wisdom teeth removal, the oral surgeon will probably instruct you to make some changes in your diet. Because of the location of the wisdom teeth, you will not be able to chew easily. Soft foods like pudding, soup, and ice cream are a lot easier to eat and will still provide you with nourishment. You don’t want to use a straw for a couple of days, but you can always drink carefully out of a cup. (Be careful if your mouth is still a little numb and you don’t have all of the feelings back. You may make a little mess.)

Moreover, if you want to avoid any type of oral issues, brush and floss properly. You can also utilize a floss header to maintain expected oral hygiene.

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