What Exactly Are Bite Turbos?

Stephen Romero - January 4, 2023

Bite turbos are tiny metal or acrylic pads or ramps. They are often cemented to the chewing surfaces of any rear teeth or the back surfaces of upper front teeth. Bite turbos are available in various colors, including metallic, red, and blue. They function as a speed breaker between teeth to prevent a patient from fully biting. Alternatively, let your teeth move freely without colliding.

Dentists position bite turbos on the front teeth’ inner tongue-side surfaces or the back molars’ cusp if a patient has a deep overbite. The turbo’s function prevents the bottom and upper teeth’s overlapping as a bumper. While being employed in the course of treatment, these attachments have long-lasting effects. Miami orthodontic specialists will take out the turbo(s) once the top and bottom teeth are positioned so that they won’t overlap and the bite turbo has completed its goal.

In addition to stopping you from biting down on a lower bracket and breaking it, bite turbos help align the top and bottom teeth appropriately. When the top teeth are accustomed to biting down over the bottom teeth, as with a severe overbite disease, you risk chomping down on your lower brackets while speaking, eating, sleeping, or practically anytime.

Why do we need bite turbos?

Orthodontists Miami fl treat various dental problems with bite turbos. People with overbites may benefit from using a bite turbo because it puts precise pressure on the teeth. Bite turbos can also treat a deep bite and misaligned teeth.

Can we wear bite turbos with braces?

Biting problems frequently arise when wearing braces. According to the best orthodontist Miami, you could encounter two issues if your top teeth come into contact with your bottom braces. There’s a good chance that your bottom teeth will shatter or misalign, and it’s very uncomfortable since the top teeth might push the bottom teeth out of alignment instead of correcting them. Additionally, the bottom brackets and braces may become harmed due to an overbite.

How should we eat with bite turbos?

According to a biscayne park orthodontist, Eating with biting turbos on your teeth will be different from eating without these devices, as you might expect. When chewing food, the back teeth won’t come together entirely if a biting turbo is used on the front teeth. The front teeth won’t unite wholly if a bite turbo is applied to the back teeth.

You might discover that eating soft foods for the first week after getting bite turbos is the simplest for your teeth to adjust. Keep soft meals in your refrigerator, such as mashed potatoes, noodles, applesauce, smoothies, yogurt, and soft meats.

You can reintroduce your favorite meals once your teeth have adjusted to the new bite. Bite turbos are only a short-term therapeutic option and might not even be on your list of options. Your care is completely customized for you.


The above-provided details and information will help you learn some valuable things regarding bite turbos and why we need them. For more informative updates, please refer to ivanovortho.com.

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