What Is A Root Canal?

Stephen Romero - March 7, 2022

Numerous people across the globe are suffering from tooth infections but don’t know about their treatment in depth. Whereas some people must have heard about root canal procedure. But they don’t know when is the right time to visit the dentist for treatment. In this article, we have written down everything a person should know about root canal treatment including its signs and procedures. Make sure to read through this article so as not to miss out on anything related to root canal treatment.

What do you mean by root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment involves removing the infected tooth pulp by your dentist for further damage to the teeth and adjacent teeth. The formation of the infected pulp is due to bacteria. It is important to remove infected pulp because it can lead to bone loss and tooth loss.

What are the signs that indicate you need a root canal?

We have mentioned below some indications that show you might a need canal treatment as soon as possible by emergency dentist near me open now including:

  • Suffering from excessive toothache
  • Facing difficulty in chewing and biting food
  • Suffering from swollen and tender gums
  • Suffering from cracked and chipped teeth
  • Facing pimples or cysts  on the gumline
  • Suffering from sensitivity to hot and cold

If you are suffering from any of these indications then make sure to visit a dentist as soon as possible for getting a root canal treatment.

Does a root canal hurt?

We have found from dentists that root canal therapy makes people afraid a lot but it is not what it sounds like. A root canal treatment will not hurt a patient because of anesthesia provided by the dentist. For a few days after treatment, a patient may feel some discomfort but not for more than 5 days.

What are the steps for a root canal treatment?

We have mentioned steps of root canal treatment below so make sure to read these carefully:

  • In the initial step, your dentist will inject you with anesthesia for numbing the area around your root canal.
  • Your dentist will remove tartar and build-up plaque around your tooth and gums and offer you deep cleaning teeth.
  • Then your dentist will reshape your canals by filling the dental filling to the hollow teeth
  • Your dentist will provide you anesthesia for healing of the root canal and adjacent gums
  • In the last step, your dentist will provide your tooth crown for protecting teeth from further infection.

How long is recovery for a root canal?

Root canal recovery depends on patient health. We have found from studies that root canal recovery time is 6-8 days. In the initial days, the patient may feel little discomfort and pain but if the pain lasts for more than 2 weeks then you should visit a dentist as soon as possible.


We hope you liked this article and you find this penned-down information a little help in knowing about root canal treatment. We have tried writing down every piece of information about root canal but if you’re still looking for further information then make sure to visit our website or to get a dental appointment near me.

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