What is an Orange Theory Workout?

Stephen Romero - August 1, 2022

If you’re trying to lose weight or want to build strength and endurance, an orange theory is for you. This approach will help you to hit the motivation you need for fitness.

Are you motivated by this competition? If so, Orangetheory might be the workout you’ve been searching for.

Maybe you’ve heard of the exercise chain, which straps on your hand to monitor heart rate and uses the approach to track heart rates for the members’ motivation and push themselves in the nearby gym. But for those who have never tried this class, the unique structure can be intimidating. So how exactly does it works? And gives the results that you have been looking for?

Could it help you lose weight?

The orange theory combines high-intensity interval training and traditional cardio to helpout members meet their orangetheory fitness goals such as weight loss, strength gain, or endurance. HIIT is a technique that alters between the shorter period of high-intensity exercise and periods of less intense activity than recovery. The trainer also suggests HIIT workouts over traditional steady cardio to lose weight. These HIIT concepts also help cardiovascular endurance by raising the heart rate; overall, it will help endure, power, and provide strength.

What are ‘zones’ in Orangetheory?

The Orangetheory spin on HIIT is called “zones” or “range Theory.” there are divided into five zones such as Zone1, Zone2, Zone3, Zone4, and Zone5. During your orange theory workout session, a digital board on the wall displays what zone you belong to and what zone you should strive for based on a personalized workout plan.

  • Zone 3 is a period where your exercise starts challenging your body but does not make you overexert yourself.
  • Zone 4 is a little tricky and makes your training seems a little uncomfortable.
  • Zone 5 is the highest intensity band in which your exercise time is short.


The main objective is to spend 12 minutes in 1 hour with workouts in Zone 4 and Zone 5.

What is the Concept behind the zone bands?

The concept behind the zone system is that excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. What does that mean? When you’re working out and releasing the energy, especially in Zone4 and Zone 5, your body needs significantly more oxygen and time to recover. So much your body will continue to perish the calories up to one whole day after a workout and boost your metabolism.

Your zone will be based on the tracking system that you wear on your hand. There are a few more options as to what tracker you select. Generally, you wore either on hand or waist. These trackers will help you to track your phone & tv, and any device easily throughout the workout.


Most people who attend orangetheory feel that the unique daily workout will help build companionship and community within their gym NYC. In addition, the motivation factor in sticking with it and having daily activities will allow the coach to focus on particular individual modifications and help to achieve another high.

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