What is Breast augmentation surgery?

Stephen Romero - June 1, 2022

Breast Lift, also known as a must-pexy, lifts and stretches your loose chest. Throughout her life, women are exposed to several factors that affect the appearance of their bust. Bust lifts can reverse the effects of time, giving you the breasts you had when you were young.

Candidate for bust lift

For patients who want to change the shape and volume of the bust, the bust lift can be performed at the same time as breast augmentation surgery. Bust lifts can be done regardless of age, but it is generally advisable to wait until the breasts stop growing. Before going to the clinic for breast lift surgery, you should check the breast lift before and after results of the clinic.

Anyone who seems to meet one or more of the following conditions may also be a good candidate for a bust lift.

  • Pendulum (hanging chest) but big enough
  • Chest without substance
  • When the general condition is good, and you can expect realistically with a positive posture
  • When the chest is getting bigger.

Techniques and scars

Results will depend on the skills and experience of your doctor and the facility you choose. If you are thinking of a bust-up, it is important to fully understand the opportunities to utilize a doctor’s expertise.

Various bust lift techniques are used, depending on the size and shape of each patient’s chest. The doctor chooses the technique that best suits each patient. The type of scar that remains depends on the procedure, but the scars on a bust-up procedure usually depend on the shape of the bust and the amount of sagging. In mild cases, an incision may be made only around the areola. An incision may be made around the areola with a straight scar pointing down in more advanced cases. In more extreme cases, an incision is made around the areola with an inverted “T” -shaped scar.

Breastlift recovery and results

Patients with Breast Reduction surgery can go home on the same day as surgery. Normally, care at home is required for the first two days, but it takes about one week to 10 days to return to moderate activity. Intense exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks, such as sports or arm movements. The patient can return to normal activity in about 3 months.

The new bust lift and shape should remain constant unless there is significant weight gain or loss or pregnancy. It is also important to know that gravity ultimately changes a woman’s bust due to the effects of ageing.

What is an ideal implant?

Breast augmentation surgery improves the bust by inserting an implant (bag). Each implant bag has its characteristics, so choose one according to your constitution and taste. Technological innovation has progressed in breast augmentation using perfect implants in recent years. Along with the development of harmless materials for the human body and the improvement of bag durability, its safety has become dramatically reliable. Breast Augmentation Before And After transition can amaze you.

Surgical centre

Surgical centre offers a comfortable and private environment. In counselling, the doctor answers all the patient’s questions, discusses the results of breast reduction before and after, and all anxieties and hopes before surgery, and ensures that the patient’s expectations are realistic.

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