What is Orthodontic Braces Treatment Procedure?

Stephen Romero - August 29, 2022

Orthodontic treatment helps improve your appearance and your smile. It is a process of straightening or moving teeth to their proper position. Braces also help to look after the long-term healthiness of your teeth, gums, and jaw joints. It helps in distributing the biting pressure equally among all the teeth.

When orthodontic braces treatment proceeds, the dentist involves an initial treatment and examination of your teeth and mouth. This helps the dentist to determine the condition of your teeth and helps in considering the most appropriate treatment for you. It is now the most popular braces for adults and young ones.

What is the Procedure for comfort dental braces?

Choose the best invisalign braces, for instance, Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, or Lingual Braces for your teeth. Ask your dentist to suggest the best according to your teeth requirements.

The Procedure to place the braces includes a cheek retractor to keep the teeth visible and dry to treat them properly. Firstly, the teeth are polished to bond the brackets during the Procedure and are dried.

Your dentist will use a conditioner on the front of the teeth for at least 30 seconds to prepare the teeth for bonding with brackets. After cleaning off, the teeth are dried, and an adhesive primer is applied to the teeth to improve the bonding process. Once the brackets are placed, cement is applied to the back, the excess adhesive is removed, and the brackets get hard in their place. After the placement, the retractor is removed, and the dental arch wires are placed.

Placing the archwires can take approximately 10 to 20 minutes, depending on whether the wires are set according to the patient’s specified condition.

Maybe you feel soreness or tightness in the teeth when your dentist adjusts your braces. Your dentist will suggest a pain reliever to help reduce the pain. You can expect the soreness to fall in about three to five days.


Regular adjustments require when your dental team places the braces because the elastic tie that holds the wires stretches and weakens with time.

During the adjustment, your dentist can see the recovery in your teeth. It almost takes three weeks to improve the teeth movement.

After the adjustment period, your dentist can check your treatment progress and recommend new wires and bands.

Your dentist will place the new wires and elastics to continue moving the teeth and move with treatment.

Removal of the braces:

After the complete treatment, your dentist will remove the braces without pain. Once your dentist removes the brackets, the dental tool removes the cement at the back of the teeth.

After your dentist removes brackets and cement, you may experience slight inflammation, but it will reduce after a few days by maintaining good oral health.


If you want good oral health and a beautiful smile, attain a healthy oral life by visiting cosmetic dentist near me and achieve a beautiful smile free of unwanted dental caries and gum disease.

Call your dental  near me and discuss your oral problems for better results.

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