What Is The Significant Difference Between The London Blue Topaz And The Swiss Blue Topaz?

Stephen Romero - May 4, 2023

Are you about to purchase the blue gemstone but need clarification about which one to buy?

 You have reached the right place here; we will discuss the significant difference between the blue gemstone, which might help you purchase the stone you are looking for.

Topaz is the first beautiful blue stone that comes to mind when considering gemstones. It is appealing for various reasons, one of which is the availability of lovely colors. Continue reading the article to know more about the same.

What is the rarity of the blue topaz?

The blue topaz assists in relaxation and provides peace of mind by relaxing the brain nerves. The topaz is traditionally used to calm and soothe depression and anxiety, which will also help you get a peaceful sleep at night.

The blue topaz has gentle and cooling properties by ancient cultures. The gemstone majorly helps in stabilizing the emotional and spiritual realms.

The significant difference between the Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz are :

●  Color:


The color of this is greenish and blue, which is described as ink-like; on the other side, the color of the Swiss blue topaz is a tropical blue color reminiscent of the summer sky.

● Places :

London Blue Topaz This is found worldwide, including in Australia, Myanmar, and Shri Lanka. When we talk about the Swiss Topaz comes from Germany, Siberia, and Brazil.

● Treatment :

The color of this gemstone is majorly achieved with the help of a standardized radiation treatment. On the flip, the Swiss Blue Topaz color is achieved with the help of the electron beam process and heat treatment.

● Significance:

The London Blue Tropaz is used to improve the clarity of thoughts and help communicate better. The Swiss Blue Topaz brings harmony and peace to the relationship.

● Purpose of Purchasing :

It is mainly seen that London Blue Tropaz is particularly purchased due to its intense color. When we talk about the Swiss Blue Topaz, this gemstone is popular because of its resemblance to aquamarine.

Some facts related to the blue gemstone are :

  • Blue topaz stones are inexpensive compared to well-known blue gems like sapphire and tanzanite.
  • This is mainly because it is widely distributed in nature. However, a topaz is typically clear white or brown in rough form.
  • Most Swiss and London blue topaz variations currently offered are treated white topaz gems due to the extraordinary rarity of genuine blue topaz stones.

Conclusion :

We hope you like the article and have the complete guide for the topaz stone and the significant difference between the London Blue Tropaz and Swiss Blue Tropaz. We hope that you now have the significance of both these gemstones. You can also Buy Natural Gemstones or synthetic gemstones at a very reasonable price that can enhance your charm.

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