What More Do You Need To Know About Varicose Veins And Their Treatment?

Stephen Romero - February 22, 2023

Vein disease is painful and will offer severe problems like discoloration and itching in your legs. If you are among the people suffering from vein disease, you should know you need to visit a vein specialist to get a vein treatment. Before visiting the vein surgeon in this article, we have mentioned productive information about varicose veins that will help you understand your treatment.

Risk factors for varicose veins in men

Several factors increase the risk of varicose veins development. Including:

  • Advancing age
  • Any history of varicose veins
  • Obesity and working style
  • Standing and sitting for prolonged periods without any movement

Can men prevent varicose veins?

Suppose you are suffering from vein diseases or varicose veins. In that case, your veins center will allow you to eliminate your conditions with possible treatment and prevention.

Though it’s impossible to prevent all varicose veins conditions, maintaining a healthy weight may lower your risk of varicose veins. Do some physical activity to boost your blood flow in the veins.

Avoid prolonged standing and sitting in one place for too long. Move and stretch as much as possible. And try to elevate your legs above your heart level for better blood circulation to your lower body. Your doctor may recommend wearing a compression stocking to eliminate any chances of varicose veins or deter existing ones from worsening.

Eight signs to see a vein specialist

. If you are experiencing acute pain or swelling in your one leg. Although You may associate that pain and swell with muscle or joint injuries, sometimes they indicate vein issues. If you feel swelling in your leg, it could show inadequate blood circulation. So it would be best if you visit a vein specialist. When you notice some discolored veins under your skin or your veins appear red, green, or blue under the skin. It can signify trouble, although many people consider it purely cosmetic, and sometimes it can cause complications and signs of venous disorder.

  1. Your legs feel weak at the end of the day.

In most cases, people standing for an extended time can cause you to feel weak or tired. In this happens to you regularly, you may need to contact a veins specialist to check for any blockage or other veins-related problems.

  1. If you experience any vein problems in an earlier pregnancy

Even pregnancy can cause a strain on the circulatory system, and the increase in blood flow puts extra stress on the vein walls.

  1. If you have continuous leg pain

Many factors can cause continuous pain because of varicose veins, and you may have arthritis, strain, or any injury pain. In addition, it does not guarantee this is a sign of a vein problem.

  1. Dry, itchy spots near your feet or ankles

Any disruption related to the circulation system in your legs can cause dryness and itchy skin. This is commonly found on your ankles or feet because the distance from the heart is furthest. Try to use a moisturizing product, and avoid soaking your feet in hot water to see better results. For more information, you can consult a vein specialist.

  1. Family history of venous disease

Suppose there is a genetic link in the veins disease. If you have a family history, it can help you to be proactive. Immediately talk to a vein specialist for an accurate assessment of your risks, and you can minimize them by changing your lifestyle.

  1. Having sores on your legs that will not heal

Vein varicose is usually associated with diabetes, but sores on your legs that can counter healing may signify opposite circulation.


These symptoms answer and represent you clearly when to see a Vascular Doctor.

If you are having any of the challenges or can catch any of the symptoms mentioned above, you need to visit the vein specialist.

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