Why Does The Wisdom Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

Stephen Romero - May 3, 2022

According to the dentist who performs tooth extraction near me, the wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed if the teeth are impacted but aren’t causing any problems. It could be because there are no proven benefits of doing this and it carries complications and risks. But sometimes the impacted wisdom tooth that hasn’t been fully erupted can cause dental problems that need wisdom teeth removal. The bacteria and food particles can  get trapped around the edge of the wisdom teeth increasing the risk of tooth infection, a buildup of plaque, and tartar which can lead to

  • Gum diseases. Also known as gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay. Due to cavities or infection
  • Pericoronitis is when plaque causes the infection of the soft tissue that surrounds the tooth.
  • An abscess is a collection of surrounding tissue or wisdom teeth as a result of a bacterial infection.
  • Cellulitis- a bacterial infection in the tongue, cheek, or throat
  • Cysts and benign growth very rarely, when a wisdom tooth hasn’t erupted fully, develop the cyst.

Can you explain how wisdom teeth are removed?

For wisdom teeth extraction the dentist may refer you to a specialist surgeon or the Best Dentist In Houston for treatment. The dentist will first inject you with a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth or teeth. You might feel some pressure just before the tooth is removed because the dentist needs to rock the tooth back and forth to widen the tooth socket.

Sometimes a small cut in the gum is necessary and the tooth may need to be cut into smaller pieces before removing it if the roots are too strong. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the whole procedure. After the wisdom teeth extraction, you might feel slight pain, swelling, and discomfort both inside and outside your mouth along with some mild bruising which would disappear eventually in a week.

What are the possible risks involved in a wisdom tooth extraction?

According to the Emergency Dentist near me, wisdom tooth removal surgery has some complications just like any other surgery. Ough the complications are minimal and in most cases, people recover within a week after the procedure still, if you feel excessive pain, swelling, and other discomforts then visit your nearest dentist as soon as possible. The complications and risks associated with this procedure are-

  • Delayed healing and infections due to smoking during the recovery
  • The dry socket is a dull aching sensation in your jaw or gum.
  • Bad breath and taste in your mouth
  • Risk of nerve damage which can cause a tingling sensation in your teeth, gums, tongue, cheek, and chin.


In the end, we can conclude that the above-given matter provides us with useful information in terms of wisdom teeth removal, the need for wisdom tooth extraction, how wisdom teeth are removed, the risks involved in wisdom tooth extraction, and more. For further information please check out edgedentalhouston.com

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