Why Every Man Should Own a Black Suit

Stephen Romero - June 18, 2022

With hundreds of suits to choose from, picking the right one can be difficult. The key to looking good, though, is owning several different types of suits in different colors and fabrics—and yes, that includes black suits! A black suit doesn’t mean you have to wear it when you’re attending a funeral, though; there are plenty of other appropriate occasions where you can wear this versatile and dapper suit color to look your best.

The different types of black suits

The good news is that you don’t have to drop $3,000 on a designer black suit. There are plenty of stylish black suits for men at affordable prices. You may still want to consider investing in top-quality wool, since it doesn’t lose its shape and drape like lesser fabrics do. But if you’re just starting out with your wardrobe, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy a less expensive black suit until you can afford something better. Here are some different types of black suits for men

Where to buy your perfect suit

Starting with an off-the-rack suit is fine, but if you’re willing to invest in one great custom suit, you’ll look better than ever. After years of making suits for athletes and celebrities, including more than a few men in black suits, New York City-based Kastor & Pollux opened their first shop on Madison Avenue. The shop offers made-to-measure bespoke tailoring as well as ready to wear lines such as their own Kastor & Pollux line (which also makes Made-to-Measure pieces) and Virella Belvedere.

How To Wear A Black Suit

One thing all men need in their wardrobe is a black suit. In fact, I would argue that every man should own one. While more and more men are buying classic suits and experimenting with different colored shirts, ties, and shoes, most guys still only have one or two suits to call their own. Even if you’re not quite ready to make it your only suit (maybe you have a nice charcoal gray number or maybe you’re just not sure if you can pull off wearing black), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also have something on hand that you can wear for weddings, funerals, formal events with clients or dates—or just when your daily attire feels too casual.

Packing Tips For Your Black Suit

It’s true: black suit men exude power and sophistication. It can be intimidating to pull one off, but every man should give it a shot because of how much flexibility you get with your outfit choices. In fact, I’d argue that every man should own at least one black suit—but there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting one. You want to make sure you choose wisely so you get lots of use out of your investment. Here are some tips for getting started

Outfit Inspiration For The Modern Gentleman

What’s wrong with black? There’s nothing wrong with it—it just doesn’t feel like something you can wear every day. But, when worn properly, black isn’t something that should be reserved for funerals and weddings (although it is amazing at both). A dark suit is an extremely versatile outfit that makes any man look instantly more stylish. In fact, some of our favorite style icons have worn them in some of their most iconic photos. The key to wearing black well is picking a version in a quality fabric and cut that fits well.

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