Why is it essential to drink so much water after liposuction surgery?

Stephen Romero - October 3, 2022

Liposuction is ideal for eliminating fat from your body, like tummy fat, neck, buttocks, chin, cheek, thigh, and arms. During the process, the surgeon removes the excess fat from the targeted area of your body, the body part you want to contour.

After the surgery, removing excess fat can lower your immune system and weaken you. This slows the recovery, so if you want to recover early, stay hydrated and drink adequate water to increase your immune system. Drinking water is the best way to remove toxins from the body and prevent infections.

Your best plastic surgeons in Houston will ask you to fast, including no water. Your surgeon says so because if there is extra water in your system during surgery, it can lead to pulmonary aspiration.

It implies that if your stomach has water, it can enter your lungs, block the airways, and cause significant ailments such as pneumonia. This is the reason Liposuction Houston

doctors ask you to fast before surgery.

Stay Hydrated After Surgery

Staying hydrated is essential after surgery; appropriate hydration helps prevent dehydration during liposuction healing. Your surgeon may suggest you drink approximately eight glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. You can also consume water from other beverages, like tea, fruit juice, low-calorie beverages, and skim milk. Dodge drinks have high portions of sodium.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration after the lipo surgery. Drinking a lot of fluids flushes the medicine out of your body from surgery like anesthesia. During liposuction surgery, your body loses a lot of liquid, so drinking plenty of water can maintain the hydration level in your body and keep you hydrated and infection free.

Water helps kidneys to release waste material from your system effectively. It also keeps you well protected against constipation. When you keep your body well-hydrated, your body quickly recovers from surgery. During the surgery, your surgeon gives you certain painkiller medicines, and these drugs usually cause constipation. But if you drink plenty of water, all the medications will flush from your body, decreasing the chances of constipation.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

You must avoid drinking Alcohol like any other surgery. Stop Alcohol for a while if you’re on pain medications. Avoid for atleast 1 week after the surgery as Alcohol can slow down the healing process. It makes the blood thin, can even increase bruising, and can cause dehydration. You can worsen the situation by drinking Alcohol.

Avoid Soaking

After the surgery, you should avoid soaking in water, reducing the healing process and increasing the risk of infection.

Avoid soaking in hot tub water or submerging your body with water until you are healed completely.


After the surgery, follow-up appointments can help the surgeon to monitor the healing and recovery process. Dont miss any post-op appointments as scheduled by your surgeon.

To know more about Liposuction Before And After treatment options for permanently removing stubborn fat from your body, contact Liposuction Near Me today to schedule an appointment.

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