Why Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Considered Necessary?

Stephen Romero - March 26, 2022

Wisdom teeth are the third molars back in the mouth or located at the end back of your mouth. There are times when the process of wisdom teeth removal near me is necessary. Due to the insufficient room to grow due to the narrow jaw or mouth. Wisdom teeth that are erupting can grow in various angles in the jaw, sometimes they can even grow if they dont get enough room to erupt properly. Problems that lead to wisdom tooth extraction near me are-

  • Remain partially or slightly hidden within the gums
  • Emerge or erupt partially through the gums
  • Crowded teeth
  • Chipped or crooked teeth
  • If the tooth grows at a weird angle.
  • Repeated infections in the soft tissue
  • Cavities or tooth decay
  • Knocked-out tooth or teeth

What are the main problems with impacted wisdom teeth?

Good Dentist Near Me states that if the tooth is impacted, which means they didn’t get enough space in your mouth to erupt or develop completely and normally as it should be. Then there’s a possibility that your nearest dentist will recommend wisdom teeth removal. If not removed or treated immediately then it could cause problems such as-

  • Trapping food particles and debris behind the wisdom teeth.
  • Serious infections and gum diseases.
  • Unbearable pain and irritation
  • Tooth decay or cavities in the partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • Development of cyst around the wisdom tooth
  • Damage or harm to the surrounding bone or nearby teeth.
  • Causing complications for other orthodontic treatments.

Is there any severe risk in the wisdom tooth removal procedure?

A dental specialist who does wisdom dental extraction near me says, that generally, there are no serious long-time complications and risks involved in wisdom tooth extraction. However, tooth extraction near me for the impacted wisdom tooth removal sometimes requires surgical procedures that involve making an incision in the impacted gum tissue and removing bone. The complications in the wisdom tooth removal although rare can include-

  • Bacterial infection in the socket or trapped food
  • Exposure of bone or painful dry sockets
  • Damage to nearby or surrounding teeth

What we should expect from a wisdom tooth removal procedure?

Oral surgeons or dentists in dental places near me may use one of the three types of anesthesia depending on the severity and the complications of the wisdom tooth extraction your level of comfort. The three types of anesthesias are-

  • Local anesthesia
  • Sedation anesthesia
  • General anesthesia

During the tooth extraction, your oral surgeon or dentist may remove the bone that blocks access to the root of the tooth. The dentist may make an incision in the soft dum tissue to expose the bone and the tooth. He may also decides the tooth into two sections which makes it easier to remove the tooth. He then removes the impacted tooth. Cleans the extraction site of any debris from the bone or tooth. Stitch the wound properly so it can heal quickly though it is not necessary. Over the extraction area, he places a gauze to control bleeding and to help the blood clot form.


From the above-given matter, we got some useful and important information regarding the wisdom tooth removal process, problems leading to wisdom tooth extraction, what to expect from the wisdom tooth removal process, and much more. For further information please check out dentisthoustontx.com

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