Are there different thickness heads/nuts for hex bolts?

Stephen Romero - February 3, 2023

Standard (off-the-shelf) hex nuts are smaller and thinner than heavy ones. There are many grades, and denser patterns are typically used for larger-diameter, higher-strength bolts. Galvanized heavy-duty hex nuts are cut to oversize to account for the corrosion-resistant coating on the bolt since hot-dip galvanizing commonly thickens the threads of fasteners by 2.2 to 5 mils. Thick 6-sided female buckle. 875 D is the nominal size of the nut, and 1.5 D is the width of the wrench flats. The most versatile and widely used nut style is the Class 2 finished hex nut.

Flange Bolts

How do I measure a hexagon bolt head size?

Thread sizes are categorized based on dimensions such as thread diameter, shank length, thread pitch, grade, thread length, and head size. Bolts can be specified in millimeters, but the internationally accepted standard bolt size description is in inches. Measure the distance between the male thread on one side and the male line on the other to determine the diameter of the screws and bolts. This measurement is known as the exterior diameter and often matches the screw’s proper size. You can also find the smaller diameter by measuring left and right from the bottom cavity of the screw. For sizes 1/4 inch and more minor, numbers are commonly used to denote size. This is known as the nominal size. These numbers and their decimal equivalents are: Top and bottom are flat, but hex and hex washer screws and bolts are measured from the head’s base. The ISO metric thread sizing system is widely used worldwide for measuring bolt sizes. This is an applicable international standard for measuring thread sizes on various types of screws and bolts. Each size is identified by the letter “M,” followed by a number. This value represents the screw’s millimeter-scale outer diameter. For example, a hex bolt with thread size M8 has an outer diameter of 8 mm.

Which type of thread is used in a heavy hex bolt?

Hex bolts or nuts are available with different threads. They rely on metrics, SAE, or a bunch of variants thereof. The thread count varies with size and might be “fine” or “coarse.” There are angular changes. There are also “single” and “multiple” threaded studs and fasteners. UNC (coarse), UNF (OK), and 8-UN are the three standard thread series in the unified thread system that is regarded as being highly significant to pins (8-thread). A finer thread has a larger load area and is more resistant to thread tension. Hex head screws can be cut or rolled using the UNC (Unified National Coarse) and UNF unified systems (Unified National Fine). Compared to fine thread fasteners, coarse thread fasteners have fewer threads per inch.

What is the use of flange bolts in the automotive industry?

Flange bolts are frequently employed in construction and automotive applications. Bolts with flanges are used to connect two or more things. They are the fasteners used most often in the automotive industry. They are crucial to the locking and pivoting processes. Flange bolts are stronger and more stable than traditional nuts and washers, making them a reliable fastening solution for any engineering project. The unique design eliminates the need for separate washers, reducing assembly time and costs while increasing efficiency. Additionally, because of its corrosion resistance, it is perfect for outdoor applications where routine maintenance is problematic due to weather factors like wind and rain. Flange bolts are used to fasten cars’ pipes and exhaust systems, among other things.

How much does the shipping cost for a serrated flange bolt in Saudi Arabia?

Taiwan, China, and the United Arab Emirates are the major Flange Bolts suppliers to Saudi Arabia, accounting for serrated flange bolts. The most significant increase (CAGR +7.9%) from 2012 to 2021 was recorded in the United Arab Emirates, while other essential players’ purchases increased more slowly. Regarding value, the largest suppliers of self-tapping metal screws to Saudi Arabia are Taiwan, China, and the United Arab Emirates, with China’s total imports accounting for 82% of the value of imports measured by significant suppliers. Had the highest elongation. Purchases of other major players showed slower growth but at a CAGR of +2.1%. The average import price of self-tapping metal screws will be USD 1200 per ton in 2021, up 14% year-on-year. Overall, however, import prices fell slightly. Growth was fastest at 23% in 2013. As a result, import prices peaked at $1800 per tonne. From 2014 to 2021, average import prices remained the same. The primary providing nations’ average costs varied significantly from one another. In 2021, the United Arab Emirates will be the country with the highest prices, and China will be the country with the lowest prices. From 2012 to 2021, India’s price rose significantly (+5.9%), but other significant providers’ costs played out differently.

Are Indian suppliers will provide timely delivery as compared to China? Even the cost is higher of hex flange bolts is. 

When considering sourcing in India and China, many essential variables exist, from each country’s political policies to its manufacturing capabilities. China will likely be a significant player in corporate procurement efforts in the upcoming years, given its long history as a global manufacturing leader. It is established manufacturing infrastructure and expertise will be around for a while and is sure to become a top priority for companies looking to source from low-cost countries. However, China faces many challenges over the next few years, including rising tensions with global trading partners and rising production costs. Given recent international events and the many government initiatives India has committed to boosting its economy and infrastructure, a bright future for India’s manufacturing sector seems inevitable. As part of their China Plus One strategy, several hex bolt suppliers who now source from China is already attempting to diversify their production portfolios by purchasing from India. Other companies looking to source from low-cost countries see India as a lucrative and even better option than China.

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