Career Options In Law

Stephen Romero - March 27, 2021

lawyer helps people as well as businesses solve legal problems, understand rules and regulations, and ensure that the lives people lead are within the confines of lawLawyers play many roles from arguing cases in court, to defending a person’s or nation’s right to freedom, and working with business houses handling their legal matters. This would mean knowing the laws of the land, being able to draft documents that will be upheld in any court, and advice people on their individual needs.

To be qualified in the field of law, a future lawyer needs to complete four years of undergraduate school followed by three years in a law school. Then a law graduate must complete the bar examination which tests the comprehensive knowledge of law. After this, the person is given a valid license to practice law. Tests are not just book knowledge; the person is screened for character as well as moral standards.

Law has many fields and it is important for you to understand the different options clearly. Once the examinations are cleared you can:

• Take up private practice which means practicing law on your own or being a part of a larger firm that has hundreds of attorneys. In private practice one can be a trail lawyer or a corporate attorney who handles contracts, wills, legal documents, memorandums, and other aspects of business and everyday life. Clients will seek advice on matters of divorce, marriage agreements, adoption, mergers, acquisitions, setting up of trusts, charity organizations, and more. A private practice lawyer can either be an expert in one field or be a “jack of several aspects of law.” Private practice can include aspects of income tax law, patent and trade mark law, oil and gas law, as well as labor law.

• Be a corporate lawyer and work in the legal department of a large business house. This would involve all legal aspects of running a business from mergers and acquisitions to employee rights, tax, balance sheets, financial aspects, and more.

• Be a lawyer in the government and work for federal agencies at the national or state level. This would of course involve things like public litigations, hearings of regulatory agencies, ordinances, policy making, and more. Many lawyers hold important offices in the government.

• Be a lawyer who defends public interests and consumer rights.

• Work in the judiciary and serve as a municipal, state or federal DA or judge. This would involve presiding over and arguing for criminal and civil court proceedings.

• Teach law to students. This would include law enforcement, business law, real estate law, and cyber law. One could also work as a law librarian, editor, and administrator.

• Be a lawyer in the military service. This would mean specializing in international laws and all aspects of security as well as human rights.

The options are numerous and once you are qualified you could choose a field that excites you and fulfills your ambitions.

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