Get a Closer Look at the Interior of the Kia K5

Stephen Romero - June 30, 2022

The Kia K5 has a lot to offer, but the interior kia k5 deserves some attention of its own. If you’re considering purchasing this car, take a moment to look at the interior kia k5 and get an idea of what you’ll be working with every day. Read on to learn more about this model’s features, as well as how they can benefit you in your daily drive.

The seats

Leather seats in an entry-level car can be enough to sell many consumers on a model. In addition to helping keep costs down, they’re also more comfortable than cloth. On that note, though, it’s worth noting that leather does come with its downsides. As many as 30 percent of people are allergic to it, and it attracts and holds onto dirt and odors like nothing else. However, if you do decide leather is for you—or if you’re simply interested in seeing what Kia has done with it—you’ll be happy to know that no corners were cut here.

kia k5 red interior

The dashboard

With a sporty two-tone interior kia k5 and sport bucket seats, it’s easy to see why you’d want to take a closer look at some of Kia’s current models. And we can think of no better way than taking an interactive tour straight from our editors. In our latest video series, they get up close and personal with new models like the 2018 Forte sedan and 2017 Optima mid-size sedan so you can better envision yourself behind those wheels. Check out some highlights below

AutoPilot is Impressive

A test drive of any new car can be fun, but it’s exciting to get behind the wheel of something that practically drives itself. That’s exactly what we did recently when we took an early test drive of the Kia K5, which features semi-autonomous driving (SAE Level 2) capabilities through its AutoPilot technology. If you don’t have time to read our full review, watch our video above for a closer look at how well it works! And if you like what you see, come check out one in person; they’re already on sale!

Infotainment System

The touchscreen infotainment system is beautiful, easy to use and comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard. For added safety, you can even get a rear-view camera. You will never have to worry about breaking down in your car again! If you need help with your new vehicle, our certified technicians are available for auto repairs seven days a week.

Controls and Display

The 4.3-inch LCD screen is placed just below eye level, with controls mounted high on its face. A small steering wheel, complete with audio and cruise controls, is within arm’s reach (although it feels like an afterthought). Both front seats get cup holders and traditional seatbelts. Behind them are two large cupholders; unfortunately, only two passengers can fit in back because there are no seatbelts or legroom to speak of—only if you opt for rear parking sensors will you be able to see out those windows. The cavernous trunk doesn’t have much space behind either rear passenger but it expands to 21 cubic feet when all four seats are folded down.

Practicality, Cost & Competition

Are they practical? they cheap? Are they competitively priced? These are important factors to consider when purchasing any vehicle. Many people purchase vehicles that are not within their budget and may ultimately end up having trouble making monthly payments. Others may also find themselves regretting their decision due to poor fuel economy or unsafe design. If you’re in the market for a new car, take some time to research models that meet your basic criteria for size, cost and efficiency before heading down to your local dealer.

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