The 7 Different Types of Tooth Restoration

Stephen Romero - July 4, 2022

Emergency Dental Houston Tx may recommend tooth restoration if you’ve knocked, worn, discolored, unhealthy, or crooked teeth. There are various types of the tooth restoration process, and tooth restoration can restore natural functioning, looking, and extra damage support from decay. You can find Restorative Dentistry Near Me.

Types of tooth restoration

Several procedures can restore the function and look of your teeth. The restoration procedure type may vary from case to case, so check with your dentist. Standard dental restoration includes:

Dental fillings

dentist near me uses filling procedures to fill cavities caused by dental decay. A dental filling is the most common method to restore your teeth. Firstly, the dentist will clean the tooth decay and fill the cavity. They use different materials, such as silver amalgam or composite resin.

If the tooth is in the front row and visible when you speak or smile, Restorative Dentistry

may recommend a tooth-colored material for filling :

Composite resins (white filling):

Dentists preferred over amalgam fillings; they look the same color as your teeth and do not expand or contrast teeth. However, they are just durable and strong as metal fillings.

Glass ionomer:

This type of fillings material acts more like a sealant.

Resin-modified glass ionomer:

This filling is very similar to glass ionomer and long-lasting.

Talk with dental restoration to determine which filling is best for your teeth.


Heights Dentist Houston usually places a cap over a weak or damaged tooth to protect and cover the tooth. Now you start sketching your head. Are these dental crowns for you?

  • Teeth having too large cavities for dental fillings
  • Weak or cracked teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • A vulnerable and weak tooth after a root canal
  • Used to anchor a bridge that may replace missing teeth.

In many cases, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth and send it to the laboratory.


Implants are pseudo or artificial teeth that hold replacement, such as crown and bridge.

  • Endosteal: In this type, the dentist drills this artificial root into the jawbone.
  • Subperiosteal: The Dentist will place an artificial root over the jawbone. This type of implant happens when there isn’t enough healthy jawbone to hold.

Dental Houston implants look and feel like very natural teeth. They can help you to improve your bite and speech.

Implants may require multiple procedures before completion. Though they can take a few months to complete, they are long-lasting. Periodontists and oral surgeons are the types of dentists that do implant procedures.


Bridges are pontics used to replace missing teeth. Attached crowns and bridges restore both functions and look to your mouth. Lab technicians made Bridges of porcelain that match the natural teeth, and sometimes porcelain underneath bonded with the solid metal.


They are removable false teeth used to replace missing or chipped teeth. Dentures look like their surrounding teeth and gums.

You may get a complete set of dentures if you have lost all your teeth due to injury or gum disease. And in case you may have lost a few, you will get a partial denture.


Veneers are colored teeth, natural-looking shells covering the front tooth, and it’s considered a cosmetic procedure. It may make teeth small and short, and they can also bring uniformity to cracked or chipped color teeth.

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