How Long Does it Take for Braces to Fix an Underbite?

Stephen Romero - January 13, 2022

Recently, an underbite is a problem that is commonly found in almost 50% of people. Still, among them, half of them are not aware of these problems and treatment which is available in the market. Thus, you need to visit the board-certified orthodontist near me every 6 months. Then,  your dentist or orthodontists will determine the problems and solutions for them. Let’s know more about the problem of an underbite, its causes, and treatment.

What is an underbite?

The problem of underbite is the dental situation in which the lower teeth hold other than upper teeth. Such a problem is known as malocclusion and causes pain and discomfort. However, some people are a little bit afraid of the treatment that’s the reason behind their low confidence.

In a few cases, the underbite is mild and not noticeable, while there are more critical cases where the lower teeth extend far away from the upper one.

This is more than a cosmetic problem. Several critical cases need treatment as they will lead to cause the oral health issues such as-

  • Speaking challenges
  • Pain in face and mouth due to misalignment of the jaw
  • Biting and chewing issues

What are the causes of underbite?

Many cases of underbite teeth are genetic; if one of the parents is having a problem with an underbite then it is likely possible for the children to have an underbite. The situation is also connected with the cleft palates and lips. This may also occur from many childhood behaviours like-

  • Tongue thrusting
  • Bottle feeding for a long time
  • thumb sucking
  • Overuse of a pacifier

This is because the upper jaw is too short and would not design correctly or the lower jaw sticks out too far or a combination of both of them.

How to correct an underbite?

Several ways are there which are brought up by medical science to successfully fix an underbite. Then the dentist or orthodontists will explain to you the best way and treatment for your situation, but let’s get to know about the treatment types you can have.  Generally, the two or more of such treatments are merged to facilitate an effective, long-term solution for you and your child.

The treatments are as follows-

  • Underbite headgear
  • Invisalign for underbite
  • Upper jaw expander
  • underbite braces
  • Underbite jaw surgery
  • Tooth extraction 

Among all of the braces and Invisalign are the best approaches to have underbite correction without surgery. In mild cases, it could take about 3-4 months, while moderately critical underbites can be fixed within 12 months.

What is the at-home treatment for an underbite?

To fix underbite at-home methods, the dentist recommends brushing, flossing every day, and the requires a dental checkup and cleanings for healthy teeth. After all, having an underbite or any other dental problem requires special care to prevent their teeth from further damage and decay.

Brushing teeth at least two times a day with fluoride toothpaste. Attention should be required while brushing near your gum line inside and outside, the back of your mouth. Always ensure that you floss your teeth while brushing. Visit your dentist at least twice a year for dental checkups and cleanings.

The takeaways

The article has given you complete knowledge of an underbite and treatment. Further, many of you are still wondering how the process goes on and any other things related to the treatment. Then, do visit our adult orthodontics Miami.

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