How To Take Care Of Your Invisalign?

Stephen Romero - December 22, 2022

Invisalign is one of the best options to help you get the perfect smile without wires and brackets. Invisalign is a set of clear plastic aligners that give your teeth a good appearance. It is a fantastic choice; you can align your teeth and eat whatever you wish to, as they are removable. You can remove it and put that tray again in your mouth. Your dentist will teach you how to place and remove the trays. These clear aligners give you the best outcome in less time. Yes, they take less time as compared to braces. Contact your Invisalign near me for more information about clear aligners.

But aligners need some care to get the best results, and the treatment helps improve your bite and align your teeth. Just by maintaining your clear aligners and wearing them throughout the day for atleast 22 hours, you can see a fantastic conversion in your beautiful smile.

Your Invisalign miami orthodontist may have stains when you drink coffee or tea or if you don’t clean your Invisalign correctly daily. Moreover, taking care of aligners is not a tough job; it’s easy to follow these simple steps and keep your aligners great.

●    Clean your aligners regularly.

Making sure you clean your Invisalign trays often is one of the best methods to take care of them. Get into the habit of cleaning them when you brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Soak your clear aligners with toothpaste and scrape them carefully with a gentle toothbrush. Doing this may eliminate the bacteria in your aligners that might harm your teeth or health.

●    Refrain from using abrasive things to clean your aligners.

Don’t use soap, scrubber, or mouthwash to clean your aligners. These things can harm the aligners and make them damaged. The Invisalign aligners can become dull and faded, and they may lose their shine, and when you put them, they will be visible easily when you wear them.

●    Make sure you rinse the aligners after removing them.

When you remove your aligners before putting them in their case, rinse them to eliminate any remaining saliva and plaque. Even when you’re not at home, cleaning them out is necessary since they can start to grow bacteria and harm your teeth. Therefore, clean them and keep them safe before you take them out.

●    Soak your Invisalign aligners daily.

When you soak your aligners, they become odor-free, hygienic, and virtually invisible. Only you have to do is keep your Invisalign in a small cup of lukewarm water. Then, let them soak in the cup for 15 minutes. Clean your tray with a toothbrush when you’re done, and you’re all set to put them again.

●    Make sure you brush and floss whenever you remove your Invisalign.

Plaque or food particles can stick in your teeth or gums for a very long time if they are there when you put your aligners on. You may damage your teeth and oral health, producing problems like cavities or gingivitis. Just remember to floss and brush your teeth before putting on your Invisalign. Contact an affordable orthodontist near me to discuss Invisalign more.

In Conclusion:

By caring for your Invisalign, you can keep your teeth and Invisalign healthy. So, if you want to straighten your teeth quickly and easily, you can use the Invisalign treatment option; it is effective. Call or visit your dentist if you need Invisalign or want the Invisalign cost miami.

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