What Are Bite Turbos?

Stephen Romero - December 22, 2022

Bite turbos consist of acrylic pads and ramps or mounds cemented to the chewing surfaces of any rear teeth or the tongue side of the upper front teeth. They may be metal, red, blue, or a natural hue. Bite turbos are momentarily connected to the affected area to open your bite. As a result, they enable teeth to move without bumping into one another because they maintain your teeth apart (open your bite). Thus, wearing bite turbos can speed up fixing some issues.

Why Should I Have Bite Turbos?

Generally, dentists use them for two purposes and are a brief adjunct to your treatment. They put Specific pressure on the teeth when you bite on the biting turbos to aid movement.

This is frequently used to assist patients with deep overbites and other oral conditions. Biting on the bite turbos lessens the breakage and damage to the opposite teeth and prevents biting on brackets. Visit orthodontists miami fl, to get the proper oral treatment.

What Happens If My Bite Turbos Fail?

A Bite Turbo is unlikely to go out of control. No issues if one Bite Turbo does fall off. If you misplace any of them, call your orthodontist immediately. They will likely arrange a replacement appointment, but after noticing sufficient movement, they will not replace it.

What Do Bite Turbos Do?

  • Bite turbos are tiny orthodontic devices. Professionals use them with braces treatment to stop the top teeth from overlapping the bottom teeth excessively. Usually, you can find metal bite turbos or bite turbos with a gel-like substance that hardens on the teeth and comes in blue, red, or tooth-colored hues.
  • Moreover, your orthodontist may place bite turbos on the cusp of the back molars or the inside surfaces of the front teeth if a patient has a deep overbite (the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth). The turbo’s function restricts the bottom and upper teeth’s overlap as a bumper.
  • After the execution of the treatment, these attachments have long-lasting effects. You can take out the turbo(s) once the top and bottom teeth shift to the correct position so that they do not overlap and the bite turbo has completed its task.
  • In addition to preventing you from biting down on a lower bracket and shattering it, bite turbos aid in the appropriate alignment of the top and bottom teeth. If you have a deep overbite issue, you risk biting down on your lower brackets while speaking, eating, sleeping, or at any point in between when the top teeth are habituated to biting down over the bottom teeth.
  • Biting your lower brackets frequently can lead to fractured or loose ones, impeding your treatment. You may stay on track with your therapy and avert avoidable visits to our office by preventing the cause of broken brackets.

Your orthodontist will examine the patient first to determine whether you need a turbo. Afterward, they will place a metal bite turbo using a bonding material and harden it using blue light to stick it properly.

Suppose the bite turbo material is a gel-like substance. In that case, they will dispense the material over the teeth to form a bumper shape. Then, they will use a blue light to settle the material properly.


Bite turbos are a temporary part of the treatment, as you can customize your treatment plan according to your choices & preferences. Your orthodontist may recommend braces miami Florida, to treat your biting issues.

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