Selling time share as a career

Stephen Romero - July 1, 2020

Among the many businesses available to people nowadays, selling time share property is a great way to earn money. Some of the perks include setting your own schedule, working with a chosen audience and earning a lot of money, according to your abilities. It’s all about savvy marketing and how to find the right channel of people interested in selling time share.

Many see that selling time share is nothing different with real estate sales. In some ways, they are correct. Selling time share means that you have property to offer for a limited time period to interested buyers. However, the difference lies in the schedule that these time share properties have.

Time share is quite an old idea. The history began in European countries where the prices of properties were so high it was impossible to afford a full-time vacation house. Then the idea of seven-day packages was given by resorts and condominium owners to encourage more cutomers. By selling shared ownership, it gave the developers the opportunity to sell to more clients and expand their market. When they start selling time share, the owners were able to cut down expenses in their maintenance of their property.

In selling time share, what you have is the shared ownership of a property at any period of the year. You are not limited to just houses when you are selling time share. Time share can be sold for recreational vehicles, campgrounds, cruises, and other types of properties. But the most popular ones are shares in condominiums at resorts. When you are selling time share, remember the three main concerns: location, period and price.

Location is one of the most important things in selling time share. The more beautiful the place, the higher its selling time share value. Accessibility and exclusivity are two other factors that rely heavily on the buyers you are selling time share to. The period is your next concern. This means that the property’s value is directly proportional to its season, whether off peak or peak. Lastly, in selling time share properties the price must be equivalent to the value of the place.

As you are selling time share, you must understand that you are working as a middleman between the owner and the potential buyer. You opt to provide your services to owners for a standard fee or rely on the commission or both. When you are selling time share units, remember to read on your real estate laws for the country where your property is so you won’t step over any legal boundaries.

Arrangements as to the payments can be left between the owners and buyers themselves or you can provide a lawyer to finalize any transactions made. When you are selling time share, you not only become an agent but you also have to be a friend and confidant to both your clients.

You can run a profitable business with selling time share properties. Whether you become a real estate agent or market your services just selling time shares. If you want to be an agent, you have to go a lot of developers and travel companies that are selling time share to work for on a commission basis. Being commission based, you have more time to scout potential buyers on your own. However, the rate and number of clients will be lower than running your own time share business.

Should you seriously consider selling time share on a full time basis, the easiest way to market is through the Internet and mobile phones. There are a lot of websites that offer selling time share properties to people and you can join in these sites.

You can also go further in selling time share properties by doing running classifieds, cold calls, joining travel and leisure fairs and posting print advertising. Where these are crowds of potential vacationers, so you should also be. It will take a lot of hard work on your part in selling time share but the benefits outweigh the trouble.

Remember that when you are selling time share, you are giving your clients a wonderful time well spent on an amazing location. If the property period is an off peak season, emphasize on the location’s entertainments, the beauty of the area and itshighlights. The price of the unit will only become a secondary concern when you are already effectively selling time share as a vacation haven.

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Stephen Romero

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