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Stephen Romero - August 17, 2020

Core training has become a hot topic in today’s fitness and health field. With advent of many activities that promote core strength and development like yoga and Pilates, the issue of core training has taken the limelight. The core is mistaken by many as the abdominal muscles. While this is not an entirely wrong statement, the term “core” is used to indicate a collection of muscles that are crucial in stabilizing the body and allow it to perform many movements. The core is composed of muscles in the hip, pelvis, abdominal, and low back area. The core is important because it stabilizes balances the part of the body where the center of gravity is located and where every movement begins. Because of its importance, a healthy core may lead to improvements in one’s overall health.

Having a healthy core may bring many health benefits. People who have weak cores are prone to chronic back pain and posture problems. A well-developed core on the other hand, may help prevent injuries and other ailments because of stronger muscles that may support the spine, pelvis and shoulder joints. Strong core muscles can handle certain joint tension that may lead to back and joint injuries. In addition, a healthy core may lead to improved posture strong because the  abdominal muscles support the spine. Proper elimination of waste products is also a benefit of strong core muscles, because the pelvic floor muscles are part of it. If the pelvic muscles are weak, they cannot contract properly and result to improper bowel functioning.

Because of the health benefits of maintaining a fit core, many people are have been including core training in their lifestyles. The good news is fitness many tools for core training are widely available. One of the most popular choice for core training is the fitness ball.  A fitness ball, also known as Pilates ball, stability ball, Swiss ball, and gym ball is made of elastic rubber which usually has a diameter of 14 to 34 inches. Instead of exercising directly on a flat surface, exercising with a fitness ball provides instability that create tension to the core muscles that aids its development.

Fitness ball exercises may aid in developing abdominal muscles by channeling the right amount of tension towards it. Studies show that doing core exercises on a fitness ball has been shown to improve balance in older individuals. Exercising with a fitness ball is a great core workout because of the instability of having to balance or center the body’s gravity while moving on the ball. In addition fitness ball abdominal exercises can promote weight loss by lowering the abdominal fats.

Regular core exercise coupled with nutritious diet are vital components of good health. Individuals who seek to improve their health should seek the advice of health professionals to maximize the effects of  exercise and healthy food regimen. Obtaining the right information from experts is important in improving one’s health. Good health is a lifetime journey and is one of the components of a  happy life.

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