The Perks of Travel Nursing

Stephen Romero - June 5, 2020

Travel nursing is nursing that allows a nurse to work for a few months in one hospital before moving on to another hospital that is in a different part of the country. Hospitals and medical facility’s use travel nurses because they feel that they can benefit from the travel nurses expertise, to help get a new facility up and running, and to act as a mentor for a novice staff. But why would anybody become a travel nurse.

A huge reason nurses pursue travel nursing careers is the money. Travel nurses make significantly more money per hour then their contemporaries who work in just one hospital. Travel nurses do not get paid directly by the hospital they are working for. Typically the travel nursing agency collects and hands out the travel nurses salary.

Travel nurses love traveling. Through their jobs they can not only visit different parts of the country they can actually live and work in various parts of the country. They get to see how medical services differ from one part of the country to the next.

Travel nurses know that if and when they meet a co-worker that they don’t get along with, they know that it isn’t a big deal. They will only have to deal with them for a few months and then they will be moving onto a different location.

Travel nurses make lots and lots of new friends all over the county.

The average travel nurse enjoys excellent medical and dental benefits. In most situations agencies that specialize in travel nurses offer these medical and dental benefits to lure travel nurses to their agency. Some nursing agencies also have 401K plans.

Working as a travel nurse is an excellent way to build a fantastic resume. The things a nurse learns during their experience as a travel nurse will go a long way to obtaining a successful job in a home hospital when the nurse is ready to cease their nomadic ways. The people you meet working as a travel nurse will be valuable references, before completing a work assignment make sure you keep a record of names and phone numbers that you can use as references when you are ready to find a permanent nursing position.

Some travel nursing agencies offer their nurses an additional way to make some extra money by offering a bonus each time the nurse makes a successful referral. Because the travel nurse is constantly working at hospitals and medical facility’s that are full of brand new nurses the opportunity to encourage referrals is endless. Some agency’s also offer their travel nurses a completion bonus when a job has been finished.

Some times friends who have gone through nursing school together decide that travel nursing is something they can do together. Working in tandem means that the travel nurse always see familiar face no matter where they go.

Some travel nurses enjoy the experience of working in various parts of the country they decide to further their traveling careers by offering to work at missionaries and hospitals all over the world.

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