Top 10 expensive Luxury Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

Stephen Romero - October 30, 2021

The Mediterranean is the most famous sea in the entire world when we talk about yachting. Together with its hidden bays, beached and islands, they have the most expensive yachts to rent in today’s world.

So if you are looking to bask in the glorious sunshine in the Mediterranean and for amazing entertainment options, Then the Luxury Mediterranean Yacht Charter is the answer. Cruise into culture-rich oceanside destinations on Luxury Yacht Charter Mediterranean that will head you for a truly memorable vacation. The Super Yacht Charter Mediterranean houses with the latest water toys to DJ booths so that you can enjoy the ultimate party at sea. This multi-million dollar charter yacht holds everything you need


Configuration: Length-136m / 446ft; Beam- 21.5m / 70’6; Draft-5.1m / 16’9;

Speed (cruising)-27.8kph / 15kn; Speed (max)-37kph / 20kn; Launched-2019; Builder-Lurssen;Designer-Espen Oeino;


  • Accommodation for 22 guests.
  • 11 cabins along with a King size bed and bathroom amenities.
  • 10 Vips with a king-size bed and bathroom amenities.
  • 54 crew on board.
  • Full air conditioning.

Flying Fox is on the top of the expensive Luxury Yacht in the Mediterranean. This is a super-luxurious charter yacht containing eleven cabins each with its own private sea terrace. There is a beautiful 12-meter swimming pool, so dive in the water to have fun and refresh your mood. An onboard observation lounge to experience the beauty of exquisite sceneries. Pick up your preferred destination and relish your adventure.

Price: From $3,500,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-106.5m / 349ft; Beam-15.8m / 51’10; Draft-4.52m / 14’10;
Speed (cruising)-27.8kph / 15kn; Speed (max)-31.5kph / 17kn; Launched-1997; Refitted-2018; Designer-Maierform GmbH Bremen;


  • Accommodation for 36 guests.
  • 22 cabins.
  • A Master King Size bedroom with bathroom amenities.
  • 40 Crew On-Board.
  • Fully air-conditioned.

This luxury charter yacht was refitted in 2018 by Olympic Yacht Services designed by Giorgio Vafiadis and Ciarmoli Queda Studio. This amazing super-luxurious yacht includes amazing interior spaces that are extended across six decks and fully equipped for magnetic events and parties. The dream includes amazing dining spaces with a special Teppanyaki hot table designed for up to 44 guests. Other centric features include

  • Onboard spa
  • Cinema, sundeck infinity pool
  • A business board room
  • A helipad and
  • A beach club, housed with diving gear.

Explore the beautiful worldwide destinations on ‘Dream’ with family and friends.

Price-from $2,330,000/ week.

3. LADY S:

Configuration: Length-93m / 305ft; Beam-14.1m / 46’3; Draft-3.9m / 12’10;  Speed (cruising)-25.9kph / 14kn; Launched-2019; Builder-Feadship; Designer-Michael Leach.


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with a master queen size bed and bathroom amenities.
  • 33 crew on board.
  • Fully airconditioned.

Lady S comprises a two-deck IMAX theatre, beautiful swimming pool, and fully authorized helipad. You can also enjoy a number of sports onboard including golf, basketball, volleyball, and football. Moreover, you will be hypnotized by its marvelous interiors that resemble an artistic and contemporary jewelry box.

Price-From $1,710,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-95m / 312ft; Beam-14m / 45’11; Draft-3.8m / 12’6; Speed (cruising)-29.6kph / 16kn; Speed (max)-33.3kph / 18kn; Launched-2019; Builder-Lurssen;

Designer-Harrison Eidsgaard;


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 10 cabins with a king-size bed and bathroom amenities comprising a shower and lavatory.
  • 28 crew on-board
  • Fully airconditioned.

MADSUMMER includes a 12-meter swimming pool to dive in the sunshine, swim the sea, and inhale the wild air. She has a huge spa to feel relaxed. Also consists of a helipad and is capable of cruising the world widely.

Price: From $1,600,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-96.6m / 317ft; Beam-14.5m / 47’7; Draft-3.7m / 12’2; Speed (cruising)-27.8kph / 15kn; Speed (max)-31.5kph / 17kn; Launched-2017; Builder-Feadship;

Designer-Redman Whiteley Dixon;


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with king-size bed and bathroom amenities.
  • 31 crew onboard.
  • Fully airconditioned.

FAITH features a beach club below the pool and multiplies in size when the transom and fold-down terraces are open. The yacht’s main deck features a cinema, hairdressing salon, and a pantry.

Her interiors feature big floor-to-ceiling windows enhancing the natural beauty of ocean vistas. Moreover, she features a double-sided fireplace and decorative glass screens that divide the main lounge from the dining area forward.

Price: From $1,520,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-88.5m / 290ft; Beam-14.5m / 47’7; Draft-3.99m / 13’1; Speed (cruising)-29.6kph / 16kn; Speed (max)-35.2kph / 19kn; Launched-2017; Builder-Oceanco;

Designer-Sam Sorgiovanni;


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with a master bedroom and bathroom amenities.
  • 26 crew onboard.
  • Fully airconditioned.

On your charter, you’ll discover a lot to keep you occupied and engaged, especially a best-in-class cinema for movie evenings. Make a move to be totally spoiled and enjoy the spa and furthermore, visitors can partake in a plunge in the pool. Fill your heart with joy genuinely uncommon at the ocean side club or keep up with your wellness routine and work out in the exceptional exercise center. Retreat to the deck jacuzzi and absorb the landscape.

Price: From $1,280,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-95m / 312ft; Beam-13.8m / 45’3; Draft-3.8m / 12’6;

Speed (cruising)-25.9kph / 14kn; Launched-2014; Builder-Lurssen; Designer-Espen Oeino;


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with a master with a double bed and bathroom facilities.
  • 28 crew on board.
  • launched in 2014
  • Fully airconditioned.

Manufactured with a steel frame and aluminum superstructure, she is smooth and loaded with every one of the conveniences essential for fulfilling the cutting-edge charterer. One such discussion point in regards to her outside is the mosaic-tiled pool with an inset Jacuzzi on the upper foredeck. Because of its position, this Jacuzzi bears the cost of visitors, the ideal perception stage from which to neglect the ocean and shorelines while in progress or at-anchor.

Price: From $1,200,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-85.1m / 279ft; Beam-13.8m / 45’3; Draft-3.9m / 12’10;

Speed (cruising)-27.8kph / 15kn; Launched-2013; Refitted-2019; Builder-Lurssen;

Designer-Espen Oeino;


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with a master with a double bed and bathroom facilities.
  • 29 crew on board.
  • launched in 2014
  • Fully airconditioned.

The shocking, seven lodge superyacht Solandge is probably the best vessel at present accessible for contract and is the world’s biggest and most notorious yacht.

The dazzling inside for SOLANDGE is the consequence of cooperation between Rodriguez Interiors and Dolkar Voges with utilizing around 50 diverse marble and rock surfaces and in excess of 30 elective planks of wood. Contract visitors getting on are welcomed by the tremendous exquisite fundamental salon, bragging two heavenly dividers illuminated amethyst.

Price: From$1,170,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-83.5m / 274ft; Beam-12.5m / 41’0; Draft-4m / 13’1;

Speed (cruising)-25.9kph / 14kn; Launched-2015; Builder-Feadship;Designer-Feadship;


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with a master with a king-size bed and bathroom facilities.
  • 24 crew on board.
  • launched in 2015
  • Fully airconditioned.

The shining metallic excellence that is Savannah cleared the sheets at the 2016 World Superyacht Awards. Take a plunge in the 10-meter pool, visit the spa and rec center followed by a back rub or magnificence treatment, then, at that point, keep loosening up in the confined submerged survey room. For engaging onboard head up to the private sun deck with its own DJ station and BBQ barbecue. Craftsmanship buffs will likewise partake in the amazing assortment of current chips away at the board.

Price-From $1,170,000/ week.


Configuration: Length-85.5m / 281ft; Beam-14.2m / 46’7; Draft-4m / 13’1;

Speed (cruising)-29.6kph / 16kn; Launched-2010; Refitted-2018; Builder-Oceanco;Designer-Azure Naval Architects.


  • Accommodation for 12 guests.
  • 6 cabins with a master with a double bed and bathroom facilities.
  • 27 crew on board.
  • launched in 2010
  • Fully airconditioned.

With a luxurious spa, a home cinema, a gyroscopic pool table, and an immense scaffold deck intended for parties and engagement highlighting a pool, fully stocked bar, and DJ stall, Sunrays has got all that you wanted ready. Her remarkable proprietor’s deck includes a full-shaft relax, eating for up to 22 visitors and an expert suite with bordering VIP lodge, while an oceanside suite on the lower deck offers shocking perspectives from an ocean terrace.

Price: From $1,170,000/ week.

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