Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Stephen Romero - August 3, 2020

Getting married is by far one of the most significant and exciting events that can take place in life. If you are already married, then you know all about the process of wedding planning and of actually making it through your wedding day. You know all about the weeks or months of strssful planning and careful decision making that go into the process. Anything that takes up so much time must be important for some reason. When couples celebrate their wedding anniversary each year, they do so because they remember how big and how special their wedding day actually was.

One of the biggest reasons why every married couple should celebrate their wedding anniversary each year is to simply reflect upon and remember what a great commitment they made to each other on their wedding day. So few marriages last in our modern culture that people whose marriage continues to be strong should do all they can to celebrate their special day. Celebrate the accomplishment of making it through another year of faithful marriage to one another.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a great way to reaffirm your love and commitment toward the one you are married to. Many couples used their wedding anniversary as a day to reestablish and reconfirm their vows. You can begin a special tradition of repeating your wedding vows back to each other on your wedding anniversary each year.

Life gets busy, works gets stressful, and as children are added to a family we all know that time for married couples to be alone and keep their marriages strong is at a premium. Use your wedding anniversary as a perfect excuse each year to get away from work, home and the kids and enjoy a few days or even a few hours of uninterrupted time together. Take turns each year planning a special event or weekend getaway. Try new things together or return to places that hold special memories. Whatever you do, just be sure to set aside time to really celebrate and enjoy your wedding anniversary. Your marriage should be far too important not to celebrate.

If it is your turn to plan a wedding anniversary celebration this year, do so by thinking about activities that you and your spouse love to do together. If you love live music, see if there is a great concert happening in a city near year, or take your spouse to a great play or musical. If you love to explore new places together, use your wedding anniversary as a time to discover a great new town or getaway together. Your wedding anniversary will be fun and memorable as long as you are together and as long as you are doing things you both enjoy.

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