What are the common causes of lower back pain?

Stephen Romero - November 22, 2022

If you are also suffering from back, you are not alone in this race; many people around are experiencing the same. Chronic pain is somewhat related to smoking; if you smoke, you need to quit it immediately to cure your back pain issues. Many people experience back pain in their lifetime.

Back pain is one of the most common causes of seeking medical help. Back pain issues are the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Fortunately, some measures can help prevent or relieve most back pain outbreaks, especially for people younger than 60, who are more likely to experience back pain. If prevention does not work, you can try simple home remedies and use the body correctly, often recovering within a few weeks. Back pain doctor recommend surgery rarely.

The primary reasons that cause back to ache to include:

Arthritis of the Spine

It causes the gradual deterioration of the spinal joints. It is the most recurring cause of lower back pain. Your lower back starts acting up as we all endure wear and tear as we age.

The surrounding tissues may become infuriated as the cartilage between the spinal joints deteriorates. Lower back pain may result from increased joint friction brought on by inflammation and cartilage failure.

Back sprains

Back sprain can be caused by many reasons. A lower back injury can result from a severe fall or sudden accident. Carrying a laundry basket up the stairs and a fall off can cause a back sprain. Back injuries can occur suddenly and traumatizingly over time in others. Contact your back pain specialists in new jersey; if you have a sudden back pain issue, it is better to treat it on time.

Athletes and other active people suffer the most significant injuries because of their lifestyles.

But not only these but anytime and everyday tasks can cause back sprain., like holding a child, which may lead to back injuries.

Herniated Discs

A herniated or bulging disc is a disc that has dribbled out of its lining and can frequently cause the lower back to ache sharply. It may not always hurt the back every time, but it can push on or trouble the nearby nerves and can cause severe pain in the lower back and other areas.

Other reasons for back pain?

Poor Posture

If you are feeling daily back ache issues, it can be a reason that you are slouching at your desk during your office hours. A poor posture can also affect your backbone and cause back issues. Maintain a good posture, sit straight and keep your screen the eye level to make a good sitting posture.

Back pain is possible if your job allows a lot of lifting, bending, or other repetitive movements. You risk developing an injury if your job requires a lot of standing or sitting for long periods.

Incorrect lifting methods

Lift in the correct method and avoid using your back while lifting. Know your boundaries, and don’t lift more than a limit. When you need to raise something, keep the weight close to your body and use your legs’ strength.

Consider consulting a back pain expert if you suffer from persistent discomfort. For back pain, doctors in the woodland park immediately get in touch with the back pain relief center.


Maintain a good lifestyle and keep yourself healthy; this way, you can protect yourself from these significant issues.

Consult your back pain specialists in NJ for better treatment options, and your doctor will suggest you the best according to your back pain issues.

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