What Is The Importance Of Dental Implants In Dentistry?

Stephen Romero - February 14, 2023

Technically, a dental implant is a fake tooth root inserted into the jaw to support a bridge or a prosthetic tooth. But most of the time, when someone uses the phrase “dental implants,” they mean the joining of the implant (the fake tooth root) and the artificial tooth. Dental implants near me may be an option if you prefer not to have dentures and have more than one missing tooth due to periodontal disease, an accident, or another cause. With dental implants before and after pictures, you can see the clear difference in your smile.

What types of dental implants are there?

Endosteal (in the bone)

The endosteal dental implant near me is the most prevalent. It may be implanted as blades, cylinders, or screws in the jawbone, among other shapes. Each implant supports one or more replacement teeth, often an alternative for those who use bridges or removable dentures.

Subperiosteal (on the bone)

This implant is attached to the jaw by metal framework posts that stick out through the gum. Subperiosteal affordable dental implants near me are frequently used in patients who cannot wear conventional dentures or do not have enough bone height to sustain an endosteal implant.

Who are the ideal patients for dental implants?

Here are a few factors that determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants Houston.


The surrounding bone begins to deteriorate after a tooth loss. A specific volume of bone must be present for the post to fuse with the bone. If you’ve been toothless for a time, it’s conceivable that you don’t have enough jawbone to undergo dental implant surgery. A CBCT scanner is also used to ascertain this.

Thanks to today’s technology, which provides a 3D view of your mouth and jawbone, they can evaluate your bone density. Dentists will move forward with your specific treatment plan if there is enough bone. If there is insufficient bone for dental implants, the best cosmetic dentist near me can do a bone grafting procedure. This therapy may help your body regenerate bone and tissue.


The greatest candidates for dental implants are adults who have completed all stages of growth and development. If you or your child is too young, you might need to wait until your facial structure has developed. Typically, this takes place when a girl is 16, and a boy is 18 years old.


As with most surgeries, dental implant surgery calls for good overall and oral health. If you have gum disease, diabetes, or you smoke a lot, dental implants might not be the best choice for you. The dentists will assess you individually and, if necessary, work with your doctor to find a remedy.

How to look after your dental implant?

Although dental implants don’t need maintenance, we’ll go through all the risks and how to maintain good oral health. Your implant will endure for many years if you maintain proper dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice every day, flossing daily, and eating a healthy diet.


The above-provided facts and details will help you learn some beneficial things regarding dental implants. For more informative facts and updates, please visit urbndental.com.

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