What Kind Of Braces Are Best For Overbites?

Stephen Romero - September 16, 2022

For treating severe overbites and overjets, conventional braces or overbite braces are also regarded as the gold standard of treatment. They can even correct a misaligned jaw or crowded, crooked teeth. Dental experts use metal or ceramic substances to make these braces. These are wire-connected to one other and fastened to each tooth. It straightens and aligns the mouth’s top and bottom rows of misaligned teeth. Then they place coils, springs, and bands after straightening the teeth.

You would typically wear traditional braces for one to three years and are not detachable at home. Your pediatric dentist Miami fl will tighten and adjust your braces as necessary at this time, typically every month or so. Traditional metal braces gradually move teeth into ideal positions by using constant, consistent pressure over time. Traditional braces are typically the quickest and most efficient technique to treat most types of overbites since you cannot remove them at home.

You might have to use a retainer after getting rid of your braces. Depending on your orthodontist’s advice, you can wear this detachable appliance full-time or at night. To prevent the recurrence of your overbite, it aids in maintaining the alignment of your teeth and jaw. You can see the results of overbite before and after treatment.

How should the overbite treatment begin?

Typically, the sooner you start orthodontic treatment for an overbite, the better. Patients are harming their teeth if they habitually grind and clench their jaw. Some overbites do cleaning or brushing teeth challenging, putting the patient at risk for gum disease and dental decay.

Regular headaches, migraines, and constant jaw pain can interfere with daily functioning. Some people can see an improvement in their health conditions as soon as their dental braces start moving their jaw into the proper position.

Can braces alone fix an overbite?

For certain adults with significant skeletal overbites and jaw issues, surgery is crucial to realign the jaw in addition to braces. In addition to surgery or teeth removal, they must use braces. For tooth extractions, orthodontists specialists in Florida recommend patients to a dentist. Growing teeth and jaws let children and teenagers adjust their jaws into the proper position with braces, decreasing the likelihood of surgery.

A palate expander may be used in the early treatment of children to enlarge the jaw so that the crowded teeth in a tiny jaw can fit. A broader jaw makes it simpler for the braces to shift teeth into the proper position and eliminates the necessity for tooth extractions. See the excellent results with overbite before and after braces treatment.

How much time do braces take to fix an overbite?

A deep overbite is an orthodontic problem that takes the longest to treat or correct with braces. The overbite is usually not the only issue, either. There are several dental issues to address because the patient often has overcrowding or poorly aligned teeth. Although every case and situation differs, severe overbite patients may require braces for at least two years. A retainer prevents the teeth from shifting and keeps them in place after removing the braces.


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