Why Do Dentists Use Dental Fillings?

Stephen Romero - September 14, 2022

Dental fillings are one- or two-part structures made of metals, polymers, glass, or other substances used to restore or fix teeth. They use dental fillings Houston to “fill” areas of teeth that your dentist has removed owing to decay, or “cavities,” as well as to restore cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth and teeth that have been worn down from abuse. The dental filling material may include:

  • Gold
  • Porcelain
  • Metallic amalgam
  • Composite resin fillings consist of tooth-colored, plastic, and glass materials.

The filling that best meets your needs depends on the location and severity of the decay. It may also depend greatly on the cost of the filling material, your insurance coverage, and your dentist’s suggestion at the dental care center Houston Tx.

What do you know regarding indirect fillings?

According to the houston dental clinic, indirect fillings are comparable to composite or tooth-colored fillings, except that they are created in a dental laboratory and must be inserted over two visits. When you don’t have enough dental structure to sustain a filling, but your tooth isn’t too badly injured to require a crown, indirect tooth filling near me may be an option. They remove debris or an outdated filling during the initial visit.

They take an impression to capture the contour of the tooth they fix and the teeth around it. Dental experts create dental fillings near me in a dental laboratory using the imprint. A temporary filling is put in place to keep the tooth safe while they make your restorations. They remove the temporary filling during the second appointment, and the dentist examines the indirect restoration’s fit. If the fit is satisfactory, then they will place it with cement.

What causes sensitive teeth after receiving a dental filling?

Following the insertion of a filling, tooth sensitivity is pretty typical. Your teeth may be sensitive to cold, sweet foods, air, pressure, or air. Within a few weeks, the sensitivity typically disappears on its own. Avoid the sensitivity’s source till then. Normally, you don’t need to take painkillers.

If the sensitivity persists after two to four weeks or if your tooth is susceptible, make an appointment with your dentist. They might advise using a desensitizing toothpaste, dabbing the tooth with a desensitizing chemical, or suggesting a root canal.

Can people be allergic to amalgam fillings?

Symptoms can arise from mercury or one of the metals used in an amalgam restoration. Skin rashes and itching are common symptoms of a conventional skin allergy, as are the symptoms of an amalgam allergy. You likely have a medical condition or family history of metal allergies if you’ve ever experienced an allergic reaction to an amalgam. Once you identify the allergy, you can use a different restorative substance.

Does dental insurance cover the expense of dental fillings?

Most dental insurance schemes only pay for composites up to the cost of a silver filling. Any additional charges are your responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost before operations. In that case, it is usually preferable to call your dental insurance provider.


We hope the above-given information will give you valuable insight into dental fillings. For more beneficial information, please visit epicdentalcenter.com.

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