Why Should We Get Braces Before Getting Veneers?

Stephen Romero - January 3, 2023

Less drilling is preferred while performing dentistry. Dentist For Braces Near Me often advises having temporary braces before veneers. Braces for only 4 months or Invisalign can be used to straighten crowded teeth swiftly. Moving the teeth will be more effective in the long run than heavily abrading the enamel if the goal is to align the teeth. Following a 4-month Invisalign treatment, they apply veneers.

A creative grin design provides a thorough makeover that might increase your confidence for years. The results of braces before and after example of a dental smile makeover can be significantly altered by the short-term use of braces. Placing braces exclusively on the lower front six teeth is an example of a targeted orthodontic technique that takes four months.

Although the lower front teeth may not be as noticeable when you smile, the lower teeth nonetheless contact the upper teeth’s back surfaces. We would have to make the backs of your new upper veneers or crowns uneven if the lower teeth are uneven. Your new aesthetic investment is marginally more susceptible to unpredictability or future movements.

Do I need braces to get my teeth straight before getting veneers?

Instead of getting veneers before braces, you should get braces or other orthodontic treatments. You may often need Invisalign or traditional braces to straighten misaligned teeth. Your natural tooth’s brackets are glued to them, and arch wires apply strain to move your teeth when you wear traditional braces.

Braces can sometimes make adult patients feel less confident about smiling, although they are very effective. Invisalign’s new, improved technology now covers most cases. Braces Dentist Near Me can assist you in avoiding traditional orthodontic braces if your teeth are only slightly out of place.

Why having braces before veneers an ideal combination treatment?

Before undergoing additional restorative treatments like veneers, whitening, or cosmetic bonding, it is frequently necessary to wear orthodontic treatment. Even after invisible orthodontic braces have straightened the teeth, there may still be gaps or other problems. In this situation, orthodontics could be the first phase of a corrective and restorative treatment plan. It concludes with veneers or different cosmetic dentistry. The alternatives dentists will present to you for enhancing your dental health and smile will be based on a comprehensive examination of your teeth.

Can getting braces before veneers avoid misalignment complications?

Additional dental problems, such as malocclusion and poor biting, result from misaligned teeth. It can occasionally lead to bruxism and a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) condition! These oral health issues include teeth grinding and jaw hinge pain, which are detrimental to your mouth and teeth. It may have its roots in your misaligned teeth since your jaw has to work overtime to keep them in place, which eventually causes jaw muscles to become sore.

However, bruxism results from your back teeth touching at odd angles, which makes your jaw muscles clench and cause you to pound your teeth together. Having braces can address the issue at its root and prevent the long-term problems that poorly aligned teeth cause.


The above-given information discusses various reasons why we should get braces before veneers. For more valuable information, please visit orthodontistbrace.com.

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