stainless steel 316 tube fittings

Stephen Romero - February 3, 2023

What are solution annealed tube fittings?

Solution annealing is a heat treatment procedure that helps alter the metallurgical structure of the material. This helps change the mechanical and electrical properties of the grade. This method is primarily utilized to decrease the crack sensitivity of aged material that has to be returned to its weldable state. It affects secondary carbide precipices during high temperature service. This helps increases its ambient temperature ductility as well as its fracture toughness. Further, it also enhances its corrosion resistance properties that help change its mechanical properties. It is very important when selecting the right processing parameters for the solution annealing process. Finally, if there is no oxidation, then a vacuum process should be selected.

stainless steel 316 tube fittings

Major difference between stainless steel 316 and 316l tube fittings?

The 300 series belongs to the austenitic grade specifications. The 316 and 316l are both similar but have certain differences that set them apart in the industry. The stainless steel 316 tube fittings have a higher molybdenum content, but their carbon content is lower than the SS 316l grade. This grade has a minimum tensile strength of 515mpa with a minimum yield strength of 310mpa and can be elongated by 30%. The stainless steel 316l tube fittingson the contrary, have a yield strength of 170mpa with a tensile strength of 485mpa. It has similar elongation. They have better welding capacity due to their lower carbon content compared to the SS316 grade. Further, the SS316L is slightly cheaper and has better resistance to intergranular than the other grade.

What are the pressure ratings of ss tube fittings?

The SS tube fittings are the maximum allowed pressure that they can withstand as the temperature increases. ASME and ANSI specification also influences the pressure rating in the industry. The grade is rated from class 150 to class 2500 or more. If you are selecting a rated tube fitting, then you should select a fastener that is rated higher than required. This will allow you to create a barrier from not collapsing under higher pressures. Its pressure rating is determined based on its design pressure and the temperature of the fitting. It is important to understand that the pound rating for the whole system is also equal to its weakest part.

What are double ferrule compression fittings?

A double ferrule compression fitting is employed to create a leakproof connection. It allows consolidation between two metric or fractional tubes. They feature a nut or two deformable ferrules in soft or non-ferrous and tube fitting that is available in metric and fractional sizes. It is available in a conventional range of sizes. They are generally available in sizes of 1/16 to 2 metric sizes. The fittings help eliminate the need for welding, making use of connecting fittings and being utilized multiple times before replacing them. Its installation is also simple with a spanner, and there are no other special equipment needs. Finally, they are globally accepted by major users across the industry.

Can 316 stainless steel tube fittings be used underwater?

Stainless steel 316 is designed with chromium, nickel, and molybdenum content. This gives them superior corrosion and oxidation resistance. They are known to work well in marine environments due to this composition. It also known to handle chlorides or halides, which are common underwater systems. Further, they also have enhanced tolerance to chloride pitting and have higher stress rupture properties. They bolster excellent tensile strength in low as well as elevated temperature setups. It can handle corrosion common in polluted marine atmospheres and has enhanced resistance to intergranular corrosive environments. They are non-magnetic in nature. All these features give them an edge in seawater services.

How to buy tested material at genuine price in UAE?

The first and most crucial step is to find and select a trusted vendor. A trustable person will offer you all the test certifications and material reports. Once you’ve checked the products, you can proceed ahead to check his inventory and stock. A supplier with a higher volume of products gives you a better opportunity to choose from products. When talking about suppliers, it is important to see which country the items are purchased from. If it is Chinese steel, then stay clear of the products as they are not of the best quality. They may be cheap, but they don’t offer the same performance and durability as other countries like India. Indian steel is amongst the best in the industry. Its quality, durability, and versatility stand out in the industry and are highly demanded all around the world.

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