Dental Implant

How Does Healing From a Dental Implant Affect Your Teeth?

Stephen Romero - November 1, 2022

Dental Implants Houston serves as replacement tooth roots and slows or stops jaw bone resorption by supporting restorations and sockets of missing teeth. The implantation procedure is an artificial replacement and considers both a dental operation and a cosmetic procedure.... Read More

kids sedation

Is Sedation or Anesthesia Safe For Children In Dental Procedures?

Stephen Romero - October 19, 2022

Kids sedation dentistry is safe for children if treated by a skilled dentist who uses the most up-to-date methods and technology. Miami pediatric dentist have specialized training in pediatric dental sedation. Dentists will examine your child and review their medical... Read More

Wisdom Teeth

Why Do Dentists Suggest Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Stephen Romero - October 18, 2022

The final adult teeth to form in your mouth are your back molars, also called wisdom teeth. They usually enter on the top and bottom of both sides, and these teeth range in age from 17 to 21. Many lack... Read More

Chiropractor for Back Pain

Should You See a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

Stephen Romero - October 17, 2022

Nearly everyone suffers from back pain in their life. There is various treatment for back pain; one of them is chiropractic care. It includes spinal manipulation, exercise and self-care recommendations. According to reliable research, spinal manipulation can allow relieving pain... Read More

Tooth Inflammation

Can Tooth Inflammation Go Away on Its Own?

Stephen Romero - October 13, 2022

A toothache is pain and sensation around a tooth. You may have minor toothaches from temporary gum irritation that you can treat at home. Moreover, serious toothache caused by various problems and won’t get better on its own, you need... Read More

Central Sleep Apnea

What Is Central Sleep Apnea?

Stephen Romero - October 13, 2022

Central sleep apnea(CSA) is when you experience breathing stops while you sleep because your brain doesn't send signals to take the air. Moreover, it's different from obstructive sleep apnea, in which something physically blocks your breathing. But if you suffer... Read More

varicose veins

Can essential oils reduce varicose veins?

Stephen Romero - October 12, 2022

Varicose veins or spider veins can come from aging, pregnancy, or sitting down for a prolonged. They also tend to run in families. Along with medical treatments, a person should try home remedies for varicose veins, including essential oils. You... Read More

Vascular Doctor

Reasons Why You Should See A Vascular Doctor.

Stephen Romero - October 10, 2022

Stop delaying seeing a vascular specialist if you are postponing your vascular health because of excuses. It can make the problems worse. A vascular doctor treats your vein disease and helps you retrieve from your vein disease. What is a... Read More


Why Do People Need A Mouthguard?

Stephen Romero - October 3, 2022

People wear a mouthguard or safeguard to protect their teeth, gums, and tongue from getting injured while playing a sport. A custom-made dental mouth guard is more comfortable to wear and offers superior tooth protection than generic mouthguards. A night... Read More

liposuction surgery

Why is it essential to drink so much water after liposuction surgery?

Stephen Romero - October 3, 2022

Liposuction is ideal for eliminating fat from your body, like tummy fat, neck, buttocks, chin, cheek, thigh, and arms. During the process, the surgeon removes the excess fat from the targeted area of your body, the body part you want... Read More

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

How Long It Takes To Recover From Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Stephen Romero - September 29, 2022

The final adult teeth to erupt in your mouth are your back molars, also called wisdom teeth. They usually enter on the top and bottom of both sides, and they range in age from 17 to 21. Many people lack... Read More

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